Milan v Fiorentina Match Report, 11/29/20, Serie A.

Milan 2-0 Fiorentina: No Sloton, no problem for Serie A leaders

Alessio Romaknoli and Frank Guessi came on before half-time as Serie A captains Milan marched without Sladen Ibrahimovic.

Milan highlighted the absence of Srilan Ibrahimovic from injury, with a 2-0 win over Fiorentina.

Evergreen striker Ibrahimovic has scored 10 goals in six top appearances this season, triggering a 3-1 victory at Napoli, although he has reduced his hamstring injury in the final stages.

However, Stefano Bioli’s side marched against Fiorentina, Frank Guessi scored from the penalty spot in the first half and Alessio Romaknoli missed a second after opening the scoring.

As a result, Milan were able to shape Inter into an interesting title battle, with their city rivals sending Sasuke 3-0 up from 3-0 on Saturday.

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In the 17th minute, Milan captain Romagnoli tapped Guessie’s flick-on from a right-footed corner by Hagen Calhanoklu, but when it was not marked in the post, Fiorentina dampened a cheering start.

Dusan Vlahovic threw against Gianluigi Donorumma near the post as Cicero Brandelli’s men were looking for a balance, but they had a hill to climb when German Bezella knocked down Alexis Salemakers in the area.

Gucci sent Bartlomew Djokovsky the wrong way, but Fiorentina goalkeeper equalized their personal battle in the 40th minute – Martin Cesares poured his left-footed kick off a badly-hitting spot-kick after joining the bad Theo Hernandez.

Calhanoglu smashed a magnificent half-volley into the side net just before half-time and came even closer in the 53rd minute, hitting the bottom of the left post.

Frank Ribery almost reduced the backlog two minutes later, but Donorumma equated to the senior campaigner’s drowning attempt – a bad chance, which summed up a Pierrendina scene scattered by moments of self-destruction.

What this means: San Ciro is hitting big hitters

You have to go back to the 2010-11 season, the final campaign before Juventus’ current dominance begins, with the last Milanese clubs Serie A. They finished first and second in Milan, inspired by Ibrahimovic’s goals and dominated the occasion. His supporting cast has been in good order for over a decade.

Milan are the only team in the top five leagues in Europe to remain undefeated since the Corona virus was stopped and scored their 29th consecutive game against Atletico Madrid – their previous best in Serie A between 1972 and 1973.

Calhanoglu shows his class

The Turkey playmaker did everything, but get the scoresheet though his five shots (including the blocked ones) showed he didn’t want to try it. Milan’s creative inspiration throughout Calhanoglu, making five key passes, finishing 83.3 percent of the opponent’s half and four of seven crosses.

Bezella was punished

Attempts to lead Fiorentina as the captain’s role model backfired when he accepted the crucial first sentence. Pessella – Argentina International – won only four of his nine duels during the tournament.

Key Apta Facts

– Milan have 23 points from their first nine games in Serie A 2020-21 – their record of three points in this winning era this season.
– Fiorentina have eight points from their first nine games at Serie A this season. This is their worst number at this stage of a campaign since three points were introduced for a win.
– Rosoneri has scored two or more goals in 11 consecutive Serie A games, equaling their record in a tournament established between 1958 and 1959.
– Leicester City (eight) have only fined more than Milan (seven) in the top five European leagues.
– Romaknoli scored three titles in Serie A for Milan. Only Ibrahimovic (six) had the most nets among Rosoneri.
– Kessey is one of only three players to reach 25 Serie A goals since 1996, after La Toro Martinez and Federico Cisa.

What’s next?

Milan host Celtic in the Europa League on Thursday, Fiorentina returns to Gionova’s home next Monday – a day after Rosoneri’s trip to Samperia.

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