Rugby: Wales has started with Lloyd Williams

Rugby: Wales has started with Lloyd Williams

Cardiff: Wales gave a rare start to beating Lloyd Williams as they named their squad to face England in the Autumn Nations Cup in Lanelli on Saturday.

Alun Vin Jones is back as captain, but Justin Djibouti, who missed the second string side against Georgia last week, is out with an injury.

Williams, who has won 30 caps, will join Dan Bicker for the first time since 2016.

He was recalled after four years in the final Six Nations match against Scotland last month, where he came on as a substitute.

Botham, the grandson of England cricket legend Ian, won his first cap 18-0 against Georgia last Saturday and retained his place after a fantastic debut. He will be in the back row with his Cardiff Blues club associates Shane Luis-Hughes and The Ull Loop Faletto.

“Saturday is another great opportunity for us and this team,” coach Wayne Beaugh named the team on Thursday.

“This is another opportunity to take what we were doing in training and take it as a competitive day. We look forward to it. We know what we need to do and we will focus on that on Saturday.”


1. Win Jones (Scarlett) (28 caps)

2. Ryan Elias (Scarlett) (16 caps)

3. Samson Lee (Scarlett) (44 caps)

4. Jack Paul (Scarlett) (48 caps)

5. Alun Vin Jones (Ospress) (141 Caps) (CAPD)

6. Shane Lewis-Hughes (Cardiff Blues) (2 hats)

7. James Botham (Cardiff Blues) (1 cap)

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8. The Tulloop Foladou (Bath) (79 caps)

9. Lloyd Williams (Cardiff Blues) (30 caps)

10. Don Bicker (Northampton Saints) (86 hats)

11. Josh Adams (Cardiff Blues) (28 caps)

12. Johnny Williams (Scarlett) (1 cap)

13. Nick Tompkins (Dragons) (7 hats)

14. Louis Reese-Jammit (Clochester) (2 hats)

15. Le Hoffennie (Scarlett) (92 hats)


16. Elliott Tea (Dragons) (31 hats)

17. Rice Carry (Cardiff Blues) (11 caps)

18. Thomas Francis (Exeter Chiefs) (50 caps)

19. Will Rolands (wasps) (3 hats)

20. Aaron Winewright (Dragons) (25 hats)

21. Rice Web (Ospreys) (35 caps)

22. Period Sheeti (Bristol Bears) (2 hats)

23. Owen Watkin (Ospress) (24 caps)

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