Lego’s Massive Rome Colosseum 9036-Piece Set is now available

Lego's Massive Rome Colosseum 9036-Piece Set is now available

Of Lego Black Friday 2020 event takes place, And is the star of the brand new 10276 Colosseum Gallery show. This is the largest Lego set ever made with a crazy 9,036-pieces. To put it forward, the previous title holder 75192 Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon 7,541 pieces.

Lego Colosseum Order Info and Black Friday Bonus

A Lego collection based on the iconic Colosseum in Rome would be popular regardless of its size (especially for fans of Lego’s architectural line), but the fact that it has so many pieces would dramatically increase demand. And what’s more, that’s it Price 9 549.99, Which is $ 250 less than UCS Millennium Balcony. Free chariot (pictured below) is available if VIPs purchase the package on Black Friday – this is today, November 27 (you can A VIP right here. – Free to join). You can order the package Lego store here When they last.


Whenever Lego publishes a new title owner in the “Large Package” category, they sell out quickly and can be hard to find for a while. Contradictions This will be true for the Lego Colosseum collection – especially since Lego’s Black Friday offers also take place today. You can see it all Lego’s Black Friday deals are here.

Features of Lego Colosseum

Since the Colosseum has more complex design features than the Millennium Falcon, the price difference is not surprising. However, Lego does not cut corners when it comes to detail. There are 3 stories in this model that include Doric, Ionic and Corinthian columns, Travertine paving stones and the reproduction of olive trees, three different shades of brick to copy different columns and more. You can watch it carefully in the video and image gallery below.

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There is also architectural precision. For example, it has 80 ‘ribs’ in the spectator stand – the same number as the actual Colosseum. They also reflected on the experience of creating:

“Even the build experience has been skillfully developed to match the original experience.

When finished, the Lego Colosseum measures 10.5 ”(27cm) high, 20.5” (52cm) wide and 23.5 ”(59cm) deep. Not a record breaker by overall size, but it will be the centerpiece of any room you put it in.

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