Corona Virus Australia Live News: South Australia’s Corona Virus Transformation Team is meeting for the first time

Corona Virus Australia Live News: South Australia's Corona Virus Transformation Team is meeting for the first time

The teenage girl did ‘absolutely’ the right thing

Professor Nicola Spurier, Chief Health Officer of South Australia speaks at ABC Breakfast.

Professor Spurier gives some details about the case of a teenage girl who tested positive after visiting the Woodville pizza bar.

“We know he went to the pizza bar – he had pre-ordered, so he was at the pizza bar for a short time and took it on November 14th,” Professor Spourier said.

“We know there were people who cooked pizzas and worked on the pizza bar that was contagious that day. It’s a very long incubation period and his results are not entirely clear, but it’s absolutely applicable to everyone in South Australia. You bought a pizza from that pizza bar. To go alone. “

Professor Spurier said this shows that the virus is highly contagious and that we need to “be extra careful.”

“He has a lot of detailed information about this young woman and her family,” the CHO said, but he would not provide further details.

“I can say that this young man did absolutely right.”

Professor Spurier reiterated that there was no “clear cut” as a result and that they were taking a “more cautious” approach in South Australia.

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