Dutch government suspends KLM bailout

Dutch government suspends KLM bailout

The Dutch government will suspend its multi-billion euros Corona virus KLM, the national carrier, was killed in a clash with a pilot union over the terms of a rescue package.

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If this controversy is not resolved, it could have serious consequences for some working KLM 30,000 people. The company reported on Friday that it had lost 234 million euros ($ 273 million) in the third quarter as a result of a plane crash caused by a corona virus infection.

“Without this credit, KLM would not have had this difficult time,” CEO Peter Elbers said in a statement. “It’s very worrying about this stalemate.”

In June, KLM threw away 3.4 billion euros ($ 3.96 billion) in lifetime to help the airline sustain a sharp decline in air travel amid epidemics. The package is made up of 1 billion euros in loans and 2.4 billion euros in bank guarantees.

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But the strings are attached, including a demand to reduce KLM costs by 15%, and to improve aircraft stability.

In a letter to parliament, Finance Minister Vopke Hokstra said: “It is up to KLM and the unions to ensure that the conditions set are still met.”

Oct. However, the contracts only apply until 2022; Hookstra demands a guarantee from KLM that the unions will agree to pay the cuts throughout the bail period, probably five years.

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KLM claims that five unions have agreed to sign a “confirmation section”. It said one of the unions representing cabin and ground workers was still considering the matter and the pilot union had not signed up.

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Hookstra called the pilots’ position “very disappointing and dangerous.”

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The pilot union said its members had already agreed to a 20% pay cut and were “determined to continue to take responsibility for getting KLM through the crisis and turning it back into a healthy company.”

It said KLM had called for extra commitment at the last minute and that it “could not be reached by this deadline”.

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