Cheating on hell: ridiculed, Austrian village changes name | Austria

Residents of an Austrian village will be sounding the new name in the new year – fucking – after mocking their identities, especially on social media, has become unbearable.

They finally got tired of fucking, its current name, some experts say it belongs to the 11th century.

The minutes of the municipal council meeting, released on Thursday, showed that a village of about 100 people about 350 km (215 miles) east of Vienna would be named Fucking from January 1, 2021.

The growing number of English-speaking tourists has stopped taking pictures of themselves with a sign post at the entrance to the village, sometimes giving sexually explicit poses to social media.

Some are said to have stolen sign posts, paving the way for local authorities to use anti-theft concrete when initiating changes.

Finally, most of the villagers decided it was enough for them.

“I can confirm that the village will be renamed,” said Andrea Holsner, mayor of Torstorp, a municipality in the village.

“I do not want to say anything more than this – we have had enough media hysteria about this in the past,” he told the regional daily Obersterich Nச்rich (OOeN).

According to the Austrian daily Die Press, the villagers, known as the Fuckingers, “had enough spectators and their bad jokes”.

But not everyone is happy about the change that is coming.

“Don’t people have a sense of humor these days?” Asked an OOeN reader.

Another noted: “They get free advertising – they should have been happy to have a funny name.”

Since it was the background to the book written by the Austrian novelist Kurt Pam, the locals had previously discovered their village in the news, which was later changed to a film called Bad Fucking.

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The village was first officially inhabited around 1070, but local legend says that the Bavarian nobleman Foucault actually established the settlement in the sixth century. A map from 1825 used the spelling of fucking.

There is a village called Betting across the border from Bavaria, Germany.

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