I was shown eating a meatless diet after a celebrity Beverly Collard 'fake vegetarian diet' claim

I was shown eating a meatless diet after a celebrity Beverly Collard ‘fake vegetarian diet’ claim

Former Cory star Beverly Collard was a celebrity footage of me eating his solo non-vegetarian meal on Wednesday night, before he was called a “fake vegetarian” by viewers.

The actress split fans at the start of the season for avoiding eating deer experiments during a test, but later found in another episode of “A Scotch Egg Cut” – it was a vegetarian alternative.

He was protected by presenters Ant and December who told the audience about it, but on the latest episode of the show the bosses shared footage of Beverly getting ready to eat his separate meal.

The camp comrades were getting ready to gather around the fire for their evening meal and tucked away in the pheasant.

However, the camp chefs made Beverly a separate dish that was fortified without meat.

The actress split fans early in the season by avoiding eating deer experiments during a test, but was later seen “eating a Scotch egg” in another episode.

Beverly, who has been a strict vegetarian since March, began eating dinner as her fellow actors continued to cook.

“Because Bev is a vegetarian, her diet was initially cooked,” says A.J. V.D.

The video clip showed Beverly his meal: “Sorry folks, but got mine.”

The star made a separate meal

After a backlash from fans due to previous episodes, viewers were impressed that the producers decided to show Beverly getting her vegetarian options for dinner.

On Twitter, someone wrote: “I appreciate imaceacelebrity for showing that Bev has vegetarian options for dinner so people can fire her!”

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Another shared: “For the first time we saw Bev getting her own food, she ‘vegetarian’ Imaceleb #imacelebrity.”

Camp cooked pheasant for dinner – but Bev had his own vegetarian portion

Others still do not believe firmly: “When Flor Yeast was on the show, how was it with the other two who were vegetarians. They were not allowed to compete if they did not eat meat …. Why is Bev allowed to break the rules ??? #imaceleb

“When Bev has his food at a different time for everyone else, ITV protects her from following a vegetarian diet on the same day – by accident? #ImaCeleb “One fan wrote.

Another echoed: “Does Bev even know what vegetarianism or vegetarianism is ??? #ImACeleb

They did something different for the actress

This comes after Beverly was accused by fans of eating Scotch eggs following the success of camp comrades Ruthie Henshall and Jordan North.

They were given a plate, although Beverly’s vegetarian diet – it was not mentioned.

A typical Scotch egg usually consists of a hard-boiled egg wrapped in pork sausage meat, which is then dipped in snacks.

The star wondered if he was really a vegetarian

He further confused the audience after filming Jimmy eating Dodger.

However, the traditional biscuit actually changed its recipe earlier this year and made the delicious snack milk-free.

Despite the safety of Ant and Teaser, I did not stop keeping an eye out for everything Beverly ate during my time at a celebrity camp.

* I’m a celebrity continues on ITV tomorrow at 9pm.

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