Megan Markle and Harry share real feelings about California life with hidden details |  Royal |  News

Megan Markle and Harry share real feelings about California life with hidden details | Royal | News

In a recent zoom call to celebrate the first anniversary of his SmartWorks support in the UK, Megan sat down in front of a structured black-and-white print, which many viewers took as a token of her love for her home state. Sheet music card for the official state anthem of California “I Love You, California”, pictured resting on a stone shield.

A California Grizzly Bear can be found holding the state of California – the place where Megan was born and raised.

The lyrics of the song are centered on a deep love for the coastal state.

The song begins: “I love you, California, the greatest state of all / I love you in winter, summer, spring and autumn / I love your fertile valleys; I adore your beloved mountains / I love your old old sea, I love her rough shore. “

The Duchess of Sussex looked at the camera and sat in the comfort of her new mansion in a sunny position.

You can see a houseplant in the bright room looking towards a garden.

Meghan and Harry went to Santa Barbara with their one-year-old son Archie over the summer.

They have been staying in the LA area since mid-March.

The couple’s new home in Montecito is estimated to cost $ 11 million.

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When Harry and his American-born wife are in a cold mood, they can relax in separate wet and dry suns.

The house is equipped with an elevator that takes guests from floor to floor.

The mansion is set from a guest house with two bedrooms and a bathroom.

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Megan launched her capsule package with SmartWorks in London last September.

The event, which took place at the John Lewis Main Store on Oxford Street, marked the official return from maternity leave.

Thai-One collaborated with her fashion boss Misha Nono to bring a collection called Smart Set to stores.

Megan helped design a wide variety of clothing for women.

The same piece is donated to SmartWorks when shoppers purchase an item.

The UK-based group aims to help women return to the work environment by providing interview training and clothing.

The organization said Megan’s donation “shows her commitment to helping those in need across the UK.”

Megan visited the centers on several occasions, where she provided tips for women preparing for interviews.

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