The steel tone update of Ballwood 76 initially slows down after Patch locks Xbox players out of the game

The steel tone update of Ballwood 76 initially slows down after Patch locks Xbox players out of the game

Xbox Ton Update Drops Drop Patch Locks Xbox Players Initially Out of the Game

Picture: Bethesda

Surprise! Rainfall 76S Big New Steel Dawn Update, Bringing the Brotherhood of Steel back to Appalachia, drops a week early. This is partly thanks to a link that was accidentally dropped rather than the schedule for Xbox and Windows 10 players, which was able to lock them out of the game.

Earlier today, some players on Twitter and Reddit Reporting has begun A mysterious 13.92GB update, once downloaded, told their game client that it was out of date and prevented them from restarting Rainfall 76. It turns out that they initially get the Steel Dawn update, but since it is not set to go live until December 1st, they will not be able to play.

“We immediately began exploring ways to get our Xbox players back into the game as soon as possible,” Bethesda announced this afternoon. On the game’s website. “However, in our discussions, we felt that the best way for everyone in Bethesda Game Studio to solve this was to release an update for everyone.”

As a result, all of the servers for the game went offline for maintenance starting at 4:00 pm ET, with about six hours of unemployment expected. When the game comes back later tonight (assuming nothing breaks), the players will swim Steel DawnThanks Quest Vacation New Questline and Shelter System.

“We apologize to our Xbox players for any inconvenience today, but we trust everyone there Rainfall 76 The community is just as excited as we were when we entered Steel Dawn ahead of schedule, ”Bethesda wrote.

This is one Rainfall 76 The bug definitely works in favor of the players.

Update – 5:05 pm ET, 11/24/20: The Link Notes The Steel Dawn update has now been dropped, and they include a dramatic change in the game’s hunger and thirst survival dynamics:

Hunger and Thirst Updates

  • We accept the notion of society that our hunger and thirst dynamics may feel somewhat punished. We have decided to eliminate the negative effects when you are hungry or thirsty, and get the bonus you get when you are fed and hydrated.
  • Going forward, your action points, health and immunity will not be negatively affected when you have nothing to eat or drink recently.
  • Instead, you get puffs that increase depending on how full your hunger and thirst meter is:
  • Hunger: Gain +15 max hp when partially fed, up to +35 max hp, + 35% immunity, and +1 strength when fully fed.
  • Thirst: + 15% AP regeneration at partial hydration, + 35% AP regeneration, + 35% immunity, and +1 tolerance at full hydration.

Finally, you do not have to travel fast back to camp in the middle of the adventure because you have diarrhea.

In case you lived inside a vault:

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