Ole Gunner Soulskeijer’s anger erupts in Aaron van-Pizza moments after the Man UDT goal

Ole Gunner Soulskeijer's anger erupts in Aaron van-Pizza moments after the Man UDT goal

Ole Gunner lost his cool with Soulscare Aaron van-Pizza during Manchester United’s match against Istanbul Pasakshir – just minutes after scoring.

When Turkey beat Minovs 4-1 in the Champions League, they retreated from the loss they suffered before the international break.

Paris Saint-Germain will face R.P. in the other game. This victory was crucial in bringing down Leipzig.

With two matches to go, United are top of their group – meaning only one point is enough to qualify.

But even in travel control, Soulscare dropped his good boy face at one point in the competition.

Marcus Rashford scored from the penalty spot in the 35th minute to give Bruno Fernandez a 3-0 lead after scoring the previous two goals.

Ole Gunner lost his cool with Soulscare Aaron van-Pizza

Moments later, Van-Pisakka’s muddy game Atom Soulscare lost its coolness.

The Norwegian can be seen giving a lumbasting on the right, which shows he is the boss in an open training.

The former Crystal Palace star quickly elevated her game, fearing more anger from the child-faced killer.

Van-Pisa came to Brandon Williams in the second half – but it was up to the ankle injury.

Admitting with United Denis Duroc’s amazing free-kick, Daniel James came into the net late.

But it is noteworthy that Fernandes gave the ball to Rashford for a penalty and got a chance to score a hat-trick.

Marcus Rashford scores from United’s penalty spot

However, the Portuguese international later reduced his promise to the striker.

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“Of course every player wants a hat-trick, but after a game in the Premier League I was told I could take the next to Rashford,” Fernandez said.

“Also, he’s one of the highest scorers in the Champions League, so it’s important to have confidence in him.

“It doesn’t matter who picks up the penalty until the team scores.”

Soulscare was relaxed about the situation and it didn’t matter who took it until the ball was in the net.

Norway told PD Sport: “Marcus is a good penalty taker, Bruno is very confident, if Bruno wants to give it to Marcus why not?

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