Monster Hunter star Milla Jovovich is coming to the world of Monster Hunter: Ice

Monster Hunter star Milla Jovovich is coming to the world of Monster Hunter: Ice

Monster hunter Movie star Milla Jovovich is set to join video games, based on her character Artemis, which is set to take place at a new crossover event Monster Hunter World: Ice Next week starts on December 4th. There are special quests, gear, titles and more in the collision between the movie and the game.

More specifically, special event searches include a Black Diablos from Image in addition to a Greater Rathalos. However, if you want to get active now, you will lose luck as they are only available for master ranking characters, which belongs to Ice Expansion of the video game and playing a significant amount. You can see how Djokovic looks like in the game below:

Here is the official description of the upcoming movie:

“Behind our world, there is another: the world of dangerous and powerful monsters, who rule their domain with deadly savagery. , Soldiers are shocked to find that this hostile and unknown environment is home to enormous and terrifying monsters fighting their firepower.In the desperate battle for survival, the unit encounters the mysterious Hunter (Tony Jaa) whose unique abilities allow him to be one step ahead of the powerful creatures Artemis and Hunter. Slowly developing confidence, he discovers that he is part of a team led by Admiral (Ron Perlman) whose greatest danger threatens to destroy their world, and brave warriors combine their unique abilities to unite for the final confrontation. க்கிறார்கள். “

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Monster hunter, The film is currently slated for a December 25 release. As mentioned above, it stars Milla Jovovich as Captain Artemis, Tony Ja Hunter as Admiral Ron Perlman, and members of Artemis’ division as DI Harris, Megan Good and Diego Bonetta. The film was directed by Paul W.S. Directed by Anderson. You can see all of our previous coverage of the upcoming movie here.

What do you think about the upcoming joint event between the movie and the game? Are you excited to see the film when it is released? Let us know in the comments, or feel free to attack me directly on Twitter Bishop of Rollin Gaming to talk about all things!

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