London went to Tier 2 at the end of the lock (but it looks like Tier 3)

<p>The change on December 3 is expected to mean that non-essential shops, restaurants, pubs and gyms can reopen in the capital.</p>

However, despite the early signs that the infection rates in the city are starting to fall, the regulations under the previous Tier 2 rules will be tight because the government is trying to keep R No. 1 below, so the disease is declining.

Boris Johnson is set to announce on Thursday which layer will be placed in different parts of the country.

No decision has yet been made as to which layer London will end up in, and it depends on whether there will be any significant changes in the course of epidemics in the city in the coming days.

London community leaders have not yet made a recommendation to the government as to which layer they consider most appropriate. If the capital is paid within Tier 3 there will be a severe backlash from some MPs and business leaders.

New West End CEO Jace Tyrell said: “It is important to reopen in a safe and sustainable way from December 3 to ensure that retailers and leisure operators have the best opportunity to make up for some of the billions lost in trade this season. .

“For this to be very useful, we hope that the government recognizes the latest figures we have seen in the capital and that London is relevant whether it is in Tier 2 or Tier 1.”

Nom Bar, director of Ottolenki, said: “We have learned to live with Tier 2, of course Tier 1 is desirable for us as a business and government – in Tier 1 we will hire more staff and pay more taxes. ”

Pubs and restaurants face even more drastic new measures, with only businesses in the new tier 3 being allowed to offer trips; Those in Tier 2 should sit down and eat with any drinks.

Curfew orders are expected to be eased at 10pm, with last orders being called at 10pm, but people are getting extra hours to finish their food and drinks, with the opening time being extended to 11pm. Outdoor sports and classes are expected to be allowed in all three tiers.

It is not yet clear what the Tier 2 restrictions mean for people who want to dine out with friends.

The Prime Minister had also laid the groundwork for plans to allow a small number of households across the UK to be evacuated within a certain number of days around Christmas, but without giving full details. However, he faces a potential uprising from dozens of Tory MPs who oppose tightening the stratification, if they cannot show that it is better than harm.

Health Secretary Matt Hankok said the government was still following a “measured” approach to the deployed system, but that it should be “strong”.

“We think managing open retail will have a huge positive effect on the economy, and we will keep R below 1 and the number of cases will decrease,” he said. He emphasized that the tight tier 3 restrictions in Liverpool, combined with mass trials, had succeeded in reducing the Covid 19 cases by two-thirds.

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