ESO and SAFE begin to implement the Stroke Action Plan

Re-designed natural enzyme could help nerve damage caused by stroke, spinal cord injury

The European Stroke Organization (ESO) and the Stroke Alliance for Europe (SAFE) began the phase of implementing the Stroke Action Plan for Europe in 2018-2030, with virtual meetings of more than 80 experts from 52 countries, each with their own national scientific communities or stroke support organizations.

The Stroke Action Plan sets goals for 2030, which include new plans for new stroke, stroke unit maintenance first level care and stroke services.

Currently, less than half of all stroke patients in Europe receive appropriate care, and there are large disparities between and within countries.

By adopting resource-based policies for prevention and care, the burden of stroke in Europe can be significantly reduced with large cost savings for society.

In his introduction, ESO President Professor Martin Dichens reinforced the overall goal of the initiative to create a framework to help countries improve stroke treatment across Europe.

Only with your involvement, cooperation and joint efforts can the representatives of the National Scientific Associations and Patient Organizations achieve this goal.. “

Martin Dichens, President Professor, European Stroke Organization

The SAP-E steering committee provided detailed insights into the production work and achievements to date and an overview for years to come.

SAFE Director-General Arlene Wilkie identified key unmet needs from the perspective of patients and caregivers in various regions of Europe. Professor Hane Christensen outlined how the Copenhagen Stroke Action Plan will be implemented nationally.

“By signing a SAP-E Notice, the Ministries of Health, Stroke Support Organizations and Stroke Scientific Associations pledge to support and act within the program in their respective countries to achieve the goals of SAP-E.”

Elements of the program include prevention, maintenance, monitoring and monitoring of key performance indicators across Europe.

As a pan-European initiative, SAP-E will work with health officials, health care providers and patients to reduce the burden of stroke through a concerted and systematic effort. SAP-E is the largest stroke program ever undertaken in Europe.

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