Browns score Eagles: Cleveland defense speed up Philadelphia AFC playoff race

Browns score Eagles: Cleveland defense speed up Philadelphia AFC playoff race

The Cleveland Browns defense did more than enough to close the anemic Philadelphia Eagles offense to a convincing 7-3 victory in the season, the best start to the title since winning eight of the first 10 games in 1994. Zion Takidaki was 50 as the yard interception for Touchdown and Oliver Vernon recorded a defense gave the Cleveland defense nine points in a 22-17 victory.

Nick Chup finished with another 100-yard quick game, with Kareem Hunt hitting a quick touchdown until the fourth quarter with no positive rushing yards. The Browns entered the race with Sub on an average of 209.8 rushing yards – but finished with 138, despite averaging 3.5 yards per car. On a rainy and windy afternoon, the Browns continued to hold the ball to the ground and the Eagles reduced the defense, which paid off with 10 points in the final quarter of the fourth quarter. Baker Mayfield was efficient, finishing 12 for 22 in 204 yards, without any touchdowns or interruptions, recording the stumble he lost. The Browns advanced to year 7-3 as Cleveland kept pace for the final AFC playoff spot.

The Eagles fought back at a loss, finishing second 2 out of 12 and making two first-half turning points (three overall). Carson Vents continued his seasonal decline as he finished 21 of 35 for 235 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions – and the league-leading 14 interceptions that year. Vents was also fired four times. Even at 3-6-1, the Eagles will be sitting with a loss at the top of the NFC East because all the other teams in the division have seven defeats.

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Stay here to get out of this game, but you can see an immediate re-emergence of this intermittent conflict on our live blog below.

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