An 8-year-old boy goes from homeless to homeowner in LA after starting a factory business

An 8-year-old boy goes from homeless to homeowner in LA after starting a factory business

An American family who had to live in a barn after a hard time has turned the table and made enough money to get out of homelessness and buy their own space.

This is thanks to eight-year-old son Aaron Moreno.

The first grader started his own factory business, which soon became insta-popular. This attracted more people to their GoFundMe page.

They have now amassed $ 40,000 (AU $ 54773.52) in savings since the Corona virus was launched.

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Single mum Bernice Pacheco lost her job in March due to the corona virus, leaving her and her three children with no choice but to live in a barn in East Los Angeles.

“We have no choice,” said Pacheco, 30 Parents today.

Aaron, the eight-year-old son of Ms. Pacheco, could not finish her school work in the small space.

The family had to use the bathroom at a nearby restaurant.

At the height of an LA summer, they were forced to endure incredibly hot conditions.

“As a mother, it broke my heart. I felt like I was missing my kids, ”Ms. Pacheco said.

“The playground always made them happy, but then the playgrounds were closed,” he said.

“We were trapped in that barn.”

Out of frustration, Ms Pacheco gave her son everything she had in March – $ 12 – following advice that he should start factories selling his own business.

“I told him to invest the money,” Pacheco recalled.

It was hard to make a very small profit, but Aaron managed it.

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He bought eight miniature meats for $ 12. They sold for $ 16.

For the next several months, he continued to do this. Every small profit helped.

With little mention of the price of the plants, little Aaron also received tips from generous customers. Soon he made a profit of hundreds of dollars.

At the same time, Aaron started his own social media page.

Ann Instagram, He has more than 25,000 people to buy his plants and follow his journey.

This business helped them raise awareness about their difficult situations and soon a GoFundMe page was set up for them.

At the time of writing, the fundraiser was worth up to $ 40,000.

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