Panic buying toilet paper is hitting American stores again with new epidemics

Panic buying toilet paper is hitting American stores again with new epidemics

LOS ANGELES / NEW YORK – Toilet paper aisles are empty again COVID-19 Curfew orders and strikes across the states from California to New York are sending epidemic-stricken shopkeepers into a new struggle for essential goods.

Walmart As infections are almost unchecked in most parts of the United States, some communities said Friday they were “seeing fewer pockets than normal availability” for toilet paper and cleaning supplies.

As of Friday afternoon, 22 states had imposed restrictions aimed at curbing the spread of the virus – leading to a new round of panic buys from shoppers and purchase limits from retailers, including the nation’s largest target and grocer. Super Market Chain.

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Shopkeepers in half a dozen cities around the United States told Reuters that disinfectant wipes were being sold to Walmart and discount retailers. Costco, As well as grocery chains owned by Cerberus Capital, such as Albertsons and Vance.

“Walmarts are still mostly out of lysol wipes, toilet paper is out again,” said Wheatley Hatcher, a 31-year-old collection expert in Duluth, Arizona.

“Oddly enough, you can find what you need in places like Walgreens and the Dollar Tree. I think people look at the empty shelves in the big stores and panic, ”Hatcher said.

Some Walmart stores view abstracts of toilet paper, cleaning supplies, executives say

At a Costco in Vancouver, Washington – the new rules include temporary restrictions on indoor dining – the stocks include toilet paper, paper towels, cleaning towels, gloves and spam-recorded meat.

The toilet paper hunt continues again in California, where the governor on Thursday issued a curfew order for all indoor community meetings and all non-essential activities.

Toilet paper aisle shelves in a destination store are vacant on Thursday, November 19, 2020 at Vernon Hills, Ill. (AP Photo / Our Y.Hu)

In October, the U.S. Retail Miss Expectations

Shopkeepers said toilet paper was sold at Costco stores in Fresno and Los Angeles.

In San Diego, internet retailer Melin Isa noticed a recent shortage of ice cream streams for his local vans. “The TP aisle is simply there. The big jugs of milk are mostly gone. Lots of ice cream,” Isa said.

Proctor & Gamble, the maker of Charmin, the No. 1 toilet paper retailer in the United States, said it operates 24/7 plants to meet demand.

Thursday, November 19, 2020 At Walmart in Cranberry Township, Pa, the shelves that usually hold toilet paper and paper towels are empty. (AP Photo / Jean J. Busker)

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Over the past several months, retailers have had to make big, costly changes to their supply chains.

Responding to a tweet complaining that toilet paper and paper towels had been sold, Walmart’s Sams Club said, “We are working to fill these items as quickly as possible by man.”

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