Michael J. Fox ‘second rest’ He struggles to memorize words in the midst of health problems

Michael J.  Fox 'second rest' He struggles to memorize words in the midst of health problems

The ‘Back to the Future’ actor is all set to leave his acting career as he has difficulty downloading words and repeating them following a series of health issues.

Michael J. Fox His acting career is ready to call time.

In his new book, “There is no such time as the future“The 59-year-old actor, who has been battling Parkinson’s disease for almost 30 years, agrees to enter a” second retirement “and is ready to end his acting career.

Sharing that “working as an actor does not define me” he tells readers that his recent health struggles were a factor in his decision to stop acting.

“The latest ripple in the pool is my lack of ability to download words and repeat them vocabulary,” he writes. “There are reasons for my disabilities in memorization – such as age, cognitive problems with the disease, distraction from Parkinson’s persistent feelings or numbness due to back pain – but I read it as a message, an indicator.”

The “Back to the futureThe star, who was diagnosed with the disease at the age of 29 in 1991, said, “There is a time for everything, and the time behind me to memorize a seven-page conversation with a twelve-hour workday is best. At least for now. ”

“I don’t need to mention the producers, the directors, the editors, the awkward script supervisors, the actors who enjoy a little bit of speed, I’m entering a second break,” Fox writes. “It may change, because everything changes. But if this is the end of my acting career, stay put.”

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In the midst of his battle with Parkinson’s disease, the actor saw a cancerous mass growing on his spine – threatening his mobility. When he learned to walk again following covert spine surgery, he fell and broke his arm.

“That’s when I questioned everything,” he recalled. “Parkinson’s, my back, my arm.”

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