The Bulls have a 4th choice, pick Patrick Williams ahead

The Bulls have a 4th choice, pick Patrick Williams ahead

Rumors abounded.

The speculation is wide.

The Bulls, who sit in 4th place, were considered the first real wild card of the already extraordinary 2020 NBA draft, under Arturoz Karnisovs, executive vice president of basketball operations.

Will the occupation trade in the new-look regime, trade or send the draft?

It was all rumored and thrown out of the plant.

None of those rumors were leaked from the prosecutor’s office, however, as one source insisted he was leaving on Wednesday.

So, in the face of poker and all, Karnisovas made his first draft selection with his new organization, staying with the fourth overall selection, choosing defensive expert Patrick Williams from the state of Florida.

At the age of 6-8, Williams is considered a “3-and-D” combo with a bad defensive mind and offensive game.

Otto Porter Jr. picks up.48.4.4 million this season, but the senior will open the door by next summer, and a vacancy will open.

Since Chandler Hutchinson has spent most of his two-year career in the training room, if Williams Bulls stays on the path he believes he will have that opportunity to become a part of the starting lineup.

The Bulls are not alone in their high regard for Williams.

Several sources said the pistons were trying to move from Day 7 to Day 3 to stop the Bulls and catch Williams.

“I worked for the Bulls for the pre-draft. . . He’s in touch with the staff, but you never know for sure, ”Williams said.

Why all the hype for a guy who never started a game in his brief college career?

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He is the second-youngest player in the draft and one of the late bloomers that scouts realize will be a sport that will grow into a ready-made NBA body of 225 pounds.

But in a growing game the Bulls had a hard time surpassing his versatility, in which positioning seemed less and less.

“Any part can be translated instantly,” Williams said when asked about the transition from college to the NBA. I think so. “

According to all the rumors surrounding the Bulls before the draft, Karnisovas is sending Wendell Carter Jr. to the Warriors so the Bulls can go up to No. 2 and pick up Lamello Paul or James Wiseman.

That obviously didn’t happen.

But the Bulls finally got a perspective that matched the energetic scoring backcourt of Kobe White and Zack Lavin. Williams immediately upgrades to a safety, which is more smoke and glass than material.

He will immediately show his defensive strength, and, like Jimmy Butler, is confident that his offensive game will grow.

Either way, the process of how Williams increased his dissatisfaction last week and elevated him to 4th place is not going to be questioned.

“I honestly have no clue,” Williams said with a laugh.

“For me, a completely isolated pre-draft, I put my head down and come to the gym, focused on getting better every day. Everything went as planned.”

With their second-round pick (44th overall), the Bulls drafted 6-11 big man Marco Simonovic, who will be at least another draft and stasis for another season.

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