Listen to NASA's diligently recorded space sounds on the way to Mars

Listen to NASA’s diligently recorded space sounds on the way to Mars

Image Inset shows the proximity of the EDL microphone in the rover of diligence.

NASA / JBL-Caltech

What will space travel look like? If you NASA’s Perseverance Rover On the way to Mars, it sounds like a soft roaring noise.

The next Gen Rover will have a microphone designed to capture entry, descent and landing (EDL) sounds when it reaches the Red Planet in February 2021. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JBL) has released an audio file On Wednesday, it understands what the rover hears during planetary travel.

The 60-second SoundCloud clip comes on Oct. 19 during tests of the Rover’s EDL camera and microphone system.

That roaring sound comes from the rover’s heat dissipation fluid pump. “Located on the rear-starboard side of the diligence, this pump is part of the rover’s heating system, which helps maintain operating temperatures for cold vehicle components even on winter nights.” JBL said in a statement on Wednesday.

“I think you can apologize to the person who came up with the slogan Alien and say that no one in space can hear you screaming, but they can hear your heat rejection liquid pump.” Said Dave Cruel, Lead Engineer for Rover’s EDL Camera and Microphone Subset in JPL. Crowele said Mike was able to pick up the pump’s murmur by mechanical vibration.

The diligence team is excited by this little buzz because it means the mic system is working properly and can record things that Krull describes as “the sound and fury of a Mars landing”.

Perseverance in searching for signs of ancient microbial life begins a sophisticated mission Then collect rock and dust samples to return to Earth. It also has a test Helicopter ingenuity.

Hopefully February 18 is the date of the rover in your calendar with its Tuesday rule. If all goes well, you can get some awesome audio of its arrival.


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