George Clooney’s son zooms in on his GQ video interview

George Clooney's son zooms in on his GQ video interview
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‘Money Monster’ actor sits down with writer Zach Barron for a profile piece, interrupted by three-year-old Alexander after the release’s 2020 iconic honor lands.

George ClooneyZoom, a three-year-old son, was bombed in the middle of an interview.

The actor, who appears on the cover of GQ’s new magazine after landing the release’s 2020 iconic honor, sat down with writer Zack Barron for a profile piece and discussed how his life changed after meeting his wife Amala.

As he opened up about life for the twins as husband and father, the Oscar-winning boy sat down and interrupted.

“Oh, hey! Here’s Alexander. Here’s my son. Come here! Say hi! Say hello! ‘Hi, Zack!’ “Proud Dad Clooney said during the chat. “You’ve got chocolate on your face. Do you know that? What is it? Did you have chocolate?”

“Yes,” Alexander replied, “Yes? Did you? Hey, Alexander? Let’s see. How old are you now – 15?”

The toddler said, “Three. Because I got my birthday.”

Then Clooney asked Alexander to say something in Italian.

“Moldo Galto (very hot),” Alexander said.

During the discussion, Clooney discovered that his life was “empty” before meeting with human rights activist and lawyer Amal.

“I’m never going to get married, I’m not going to have kids, ” I’m going to work, I’ve got better friends, my life is full, I’m fine, ” Clooney said.” I didn’t know how full it was until I met Amal. Then everything changed. And, ‘Oh, really it was a big empty space.’ ”

The couple welcomed Alexander and all the twins in 2017.

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