Cardi P. Billboard’s Best Girl of the Year | Music

Cardi P. Billboard's Best Girl of the Year |  Music

Cardi B has been named Billboard Bill of the Year.

The 28-year-old rapper thanked his fan base – known as Partigang – for being on his back as it was announced on Wednesday (11.18.20) that the ‘Bodak Yellow’ hitmaker would take home the first prize on Virtual Billboard. At a women’s concert on December 10th.

He wrote on Instagram: “Thanks Billboard!

“Now I can come up with stats, but it broke the b **** records that take me all day!

“Thanks for the inspiring partygang when the world was against me and criticizing every move I would not have noticed every day, I will use my voice for change (sic)”

In the video above the title, Cardi reminded those who did not think he should have won the award that he only released one song this year with Megan Fire Stallion on ‘Wap’, the success of the hit, extending her record as the fourth highest-ranked female rapper in the history of her fourth No. 1 Billboard Hot 100. U.S.

She lamented: “What for you? She only got one song ‘- yes I got that song, p ****.

“You know what? The one that sold the most, the one that streamed the most. Republicans are crying about it on Fox News. Be six times platinum in three months. “

Then he said: “Your grandmother provoked ***** in Dictok. Yes, P ****, that’s one.”

The ‘Press’ hitmaker elaborated on the tasks of motivating people to vote and how he used his own money to meet politicians like Bernie Sanders.

He continued: “For more than a year now, not only have I been going against Joe Biden Trump, I have been affecting my platform to vote.

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“I’m letting everyone know about your senators, I’m letting everyone know about the districts and the midterm elections. I use my money, my own money, to meet these candidates like Bernie. Flying out, getting tired after shows. Yeah, it’s me, P ****. ”

As Carty wrapped up her message thus, she vowed never to change: “Eat this, I’m just like that ****.”

Jennifer Lopez was honored with the Icon Award at the ceremony, receiving the Dolly Barton 2020 Hitmaker Award and taking home the Dua Lipa Powerhouse Award.

This year’s Rising Star Award goes to Chloe X Haley, while Jesse Reyes is set to receive the Impact Award.

Diana Taylor is the host this year.

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