Mexico vs Japan: Live Stream Online Updates (2-0) | 11/17/2020

5:23 PM3 minutes ago

Goal Mexico 1-0

5:18 PM7 minutes ago

62 ‘

Jimenez’s cross and the goalkeeper’s best flight to save his frame

5:16 PM9 minutes ago

60 ‘

Jimenez’s title came out of the page. Near Mexico

5:14 PM11 minutes ago

58 ‘

Sanchez was shot and now Yoshida crosses his leg to save his target

5:12 PM14 minutes ago

55 ‘

Jimenez leaves it to Romo, who strikes it with force, but is deflected by a defender from kicking into a corner

5:10 PM15 minutes ago

54 ‘

Pizarro overflows, but misses the ball to the base

5:09 PM17 minutes ago

52 ‘

The last Moreno center leaves the field

5:05 PM20 minutes ago

48 ‘

Ido goes to the area and takes the service that denies Mexican security

5:02 PM24 minutes ago

46 ‘

The second half begins

4:46 PM39 minutes ago

Half time

Mexico 0-0 Japan

4:44 PM41 minutes ago

43 ‘

Pizarro fell in midfield and the referee was tainted

4:43 PM43 minutes ago

42 ‘

For claiming the right, Harving Lozano was reprimanded

4:41 PMan hours ago

40 ‘

Moreno’s head tilted slightly as he came out

4:40 PMan hours ago

39 ‘

Sagai warns of strong entry into Lozano, and Mexico will have a direct free kick

4:37 PMan hours ago

37 ‘

Yellow for midfield foul Jesus Gallardo

4:36 PMan hours ago

35 ‘

Mexico reacts and Romo takes a medium distance shot

4:34 PMan hours ago

33 ‘

Pizarro takes a long time and is distracted by the defense at the moment of taking the shot

4:28 pm

27 ‘

Another ball going through the Mexican area, now Sanchez can destroy the ball

4:19 p.m.

18 ‘

Japan is still very good at the game. Now this attempt was made by the above Ito

4:16 PMan hours ago

15 ‘

Haramuchi Free Throw Breaking the Barrier

4:15 p.m.

15 ‘

Ochoa’s double storage after Suzuki and Ido shots. Ochoa saves Mexico

4:14 p.m.

13 ‘

Jimenez tried to triangle with Lozano, but the return was too long

4:13 p.m.

12 ‘

Haramuchi’s shot and Ochoa’s big save save his goal

4:11 p.m.

10 ‘

The diagonal of the comet goes all over the area and you can’t find anyone to push it

4:09 PMan hours ago

8 ‘

Mexico are starting to spend more time on the ball, but some plays at risk

4:06 PMan hours ago

4 ‘

Try Mexico to the depths on the right. The center of Orbel, which rejected the defense

4:03 PMan hours ago

2 ‘

Although the first few minutes of mastery lack the depth of Japanese painting

4:01 PMan hours ago

0 ‘

The game begins

3:56 PMan hours ago

Gospels have already been heard

The national anthems of Mexico and Japan are heard

3:55 PM2 hours ago

They jump on the field

This time Mexico and Japan are jumping on the field

3:44 PM2 hours ago

Positive brand

Hajim Morias has managed 27 matches with Japan and his balance is 17 wins, 5 draws and 5 defeats, will he reach the sixth defeat?

3:38 PM2 hours ago

If you miss

3:35 PM2 hours ago

Japanese in Mexico

3:31 PM2 hours ago

XI Japan

Schmidt; Tomiasu, Sakai, Yoshida, Nayakama; Endo, Shibasaki, Harakuchi, Kamata; Ido, Suzuki

3:27 PM2 hours ago

Various changes

For injuries and casualties, Tata made six changes to the game, with Ochoa on target, Sanchez on the side, Arazzo in the center with Moreno, Pineta and Romo in the midfield, while Pizarro replaced Corona.

3:24 PM2 hours ago

XI Mexico

Ochoa; Sanchez, Arazo, Moreno, Gallardo; Pineta, Romo, Rodriguez; Pizarro, Jimenez, Lozano.

3:20 PM2 hours ago

In excellent condition

3:12 PM2 hours ago

Raul wants to continue climbing places

If Raul Jimenez scores a double against Japan, he will be on par with Luis Garcia and Andres Cordado in ninth place with 28 goals, and the Bedis player will not attend the tournament because he has already returned to his club

3:09 PM2 hours ago

Potential record won

If Mexico wins against Japan this afternoon, Martino will have 19 wins with the national team and join Miguel Herrera in the historic 11th with the same number of wins.

3:03 PM2 hours ago

Will not be

Defender Caesar Montez will return to Mexico to recover from a right hip injury, which will not allow him to play in the match against Japan in Austria this afternoon, Mexico’s communications director said.

2:59 PM2 hours ago

We have started

Mexico faces its last game 2020 against Japan, which takes place in Austria. We start with the coverage of the tricolor

11:44 AM6 hours ago

Tune in here

Do not miss the competition details with VAVEL’s live updates and commentary. Follow us with all the details, comments, analysis and rankings for this Mexico vs Japan match.

11:39 AM6 hours ago

Latest games

Of the five conflicts calculated since 1996, Mexico have four wins and one defeat, highlighting the victories of the 2005 and 2013 Confederations Cups.

11:34 AM6 hours ago

How To Watch Mexico Vs Japan Live TV And Stream

11:19 AM6 hours ago

Last row Japan

கோண்டா; Utah, Yoshida, Idakura; Muroya, Shibazaki, Hashimoto, Nagatomo; Miyoshi, Kubo, Minamino

11:14 AM6 hours ago

Last row Mexico

Gonzalez; Rodriguez, Salceto, Moreno, Gallardo; Rodriguez, Alvarez, Cordova; Corona, Jimenez, Lozano.

11:09 AM6 hours ago

Japan: Failed

11:04 AM6 hours ago

Mexico: Farewell to victory

10:59 AM6 hours ago

Kick-off time

The Mexico vs Japan match will be played at the UPC-Arena in Austria. The kick-off is scheduled for ET at 3 p.m.

10:54 AM7 hours ago

Welcome to’s live coverage of the 2020 Friendly Games: Mexico Vs Japan!

My name is Adrian Hernandez and I will be your guest for this game. We provide pre-game analysis, list updates and news here.

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