Harry Styles defended by mom after being criticized for wearing clothes

Harry Styles defended by mom after being criticized for wearing clothes

Mum Anne says the ‘watermelon sugar’ hitmaker has always loved luxury clothing since she was a child and she comes to her defense following criticisms of clothing that violates her gender.

Harry Styles‘Mum Anne has attacked critics of a Vogue cover photoshoot that violates her son’s gender.

Harry made history last week (end15Nov20) as the first man to feature a Vogue solo cover – but his decision to embrace his femininity by dressing up for some photos drew criticism from American right-wing commentators Candus Owens And Ben Shapiro And those who follow them.

On a UK TV show “Lorraine“On Tuesday, Anne stepped forward for her son’s safety – explaining that she always encouraged him to“ dress up ”.

“I think I have to do something with them because I’ve always been a big fan of making fancy dress with them when they were little, which (Harry’s sister) Gemma always hates, but Harry always embraces,” she said. “But who doesn’t like to dress up?”

The pop star’s mum, who is raising money for Parkinson’s charity UK, said she hopes to see Harry allow the Covid 19 restrictions this Christmas.

“Who knows what will happen, but I will cross my fingers,” he added. “It would be a very different Christmas if I didn’t come to see them. They’re both vegetarians now, so I only eat turkey!”

As employers on the online fashion shopping platform list topped the list of 2020 Power Dressers after crushing search, display and sales metrics from their customers, Harry’s gender-conscious style has gone nowhere better.

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“Watermelon Sugar” hits hitmaker Beyonc இரண்டாவது in second place with PDS rapper R.M. In third place.

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