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As for Trump, it is illegal to indicate where the votes were placed. “Detroit and Philadelphia They are known as the two worst political places anywhere in our country – easily, ”he said. “They cannot be held responsible for engineering the outcome of the presidential race.”

This was a new twist on the racial logic of the American right, which should prevent black people from voting, letting them vote until all of their votes have been counted.

It is important to remember that the United States has been a slave state for more than 200 years – and a racist state, after the abolition of slavery, for another century. Throughout that time, in some parts of the country, all black voting was, by definition, illegal, and conservatives worked hard to keep it that way. It is only a racial democracy for 55 years. That narrow rule now hangs in the balance.

In 2013, a year after the voter turnout for black voters Surpassed For white voters for the first time, The The Supreme Court dismissed The Voting Act, which once provided some legal protections for black voters in excluded areas.

Georgia, the home state of the late President John Louis, embarked on the task of preventing black votes in 1965 with more sophisticated weapons than the tear gas and voodoo clubs used in Selma, Alabama. Tens of thousands of voters from the list abstained from voting for some time, and another 50,000 were suspended – mostly blacks – for minor inconsistencies such as avoiding a hyphen in their name. The long lines we saw around the election were not simply voter enthusiasm – they were Voter oppression.

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The problem is, whites are one Minority In the United States, efforts to eliminate non-white voters will become more crude and even more hopeless, but the quality of the results cannot be guaranteed. Amounts for Republicans will not be included.

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