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Viewers in Pennsylvania watch the presidential debate

Most of the United States stayed at home to watch the big debate.

Mike McCloskey, owner of Railroad Street Bar & Grill in Linfield, Pennsylvania, explained. “Teaching kids in the morning is even harder after a hard night.”

First US Presidential Debate – Highlights

This did not prevent the Norfolk South Railroad from spraying this politically aligned crowd into this self-styled “exciting hub for breweries” directing cargo through their swing position.

In the United States, they say if you don’t beat Pennsylvania, you don’t beat the country.

After watching for an hour and a half Discussion, Although the verdict in Linfield was not unanimous, it was in favor of Donald Trump.

Colin Dugerti told Sky News: “I think Donald Trump owns this. I don’t think Joe Biden really has anything to bring to the table. I really hope he does. We really have nothing.”

John Lobin saw Mr Trump as the winner. He said: “Someone came in front of them with a piece of paper, from which it can only be read. Another is the leader of our country. It’s not really that much harder than that.

Others did not announce a clear winner, but saw the loser – the voting public.

Watching the Presidential Debate in Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania is seen by many as an election clock

Meredith Warren said: “It’s scary, it’s everywhere. It’s very sad to see, but it’s the best representation for our country right now. I think they’re both little kids going back and forth with each other.

Mr McCloskey added: “It was a wild ride, it went right, it went left. There was a lot going on, a lot of interruptions.

“Right now, when I see it, I’m going to feel very bad for the American people because there is no order. It was everywhere. And I understand why people see us as part of the laugh. I do not believe anyone has won that debate.”

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