Trump’s Corona Virus Adviser – Everyone is talking about this irresponsible tweet from PGR

  • New Michigan COVID restrictions were announced Sunday, with new measures such as suspending private high school classes and temporarily closing movie theaters and eating out in restaurants.
  • Dr. Scott Atlas, President Trump’s corona virus adviser, tweeted in response to the new measures, advising people to “wake up” against themselves.
  • The tweet sparked an immediate backlash as Whitmere was the target of a kidnapping plot released last month involving an extreme right-wing group that wants to “wake up”.

New Michigan COVID controls Announced by Governor Gretchen Whitmer on Sunday evening – including live instruction in high schools and the temporary closure of indoor dining rooms and movie theaters – quickly provoked a outcry that could only be described as frantic.

It came from President Trump’s corona virus adviser.

In response to the new restrictions announced by Whitmer, he described the need to address what is still the “worst moment” in the midst of a corona virus outbreak in Michigan, in response to White House Corona virus task force member Dr. Scott Atlas deciding that something must be done. So he sent a tweet that seemed to encourage people to “get up” in response to these restrictions.

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The recession was predictable, and the tweet drew widespread outrage for a number of reasons – one of the most obvious was the irrational belief that Whitmer’s response to the epidemic was subject to harsh hand and repression, which seemed to fuel the kidnapping conspiracy was released last month by state and federal officials targeting Whitmer.

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In response to Atlas’ tweet below, Whitmer said CNN Wolf speed camera It said: “We know the White House wants to isolate us in Michigan, especially outside of me. I’m not going to bully you for not following renowned scientists and medical professionals.”

On more than one occasion, Atlas has sounded like an extension of President Trump. He suggested that the White House’s health adviser, Dr. Anthony Fossie, had issued stern warnings Undermine the president. Atlas had previously seen one of his tweets, which falsely declared that masks would not work Removed by Twitter. He said many complicated things, in fact, Fucci once agreed about the atlas Washington Post: “I have real issues with that person.”

Despite Atlas’ irresponsible tweet about the Michigan response, it is true that he must have been aware of the anger that Whitmer took from far-right groups, and that he needed much of the offensive action. According to Detroit News, Michigan broke its weekly corona virus case record last week, registering more than 44,000 new cases – the state’s fifth weekly new case record. State data also show that 3,220 adults across the state were hospitalized with COVID-19 on Friday, compared to 999 a month ago.

“The dramatic increase in admissions to hospitals across Michigan is not sustainable,” said Wright Laciter III, president and CEO of the Henry Ford Health System, based in Detroit. Detroit News.

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