With a brutal schedule, the 49ers’ trumpet loss threatens the season – San Francisco 49ers Blog

With a brutal schedule, the 49ers' trumpet loss threatens the season - San Francisco 49ers Blog

Santa Clara, California. – San Francisco 49ers are in trouble. The big problem.

After a disappointing loss to the Philadelphia Eagles last week, the Knights had to issue a statement on Sunday against the Miami Dolphins. They did. It read something like this: With the exception of one big and quick twist, this season slips into a hurry.

The Dolphins flattened 49ers from the start with a 43-17 blow loss. This is a performance that has not been seen in these areas for at least two seasons. The Miami receivers ran for free to the tremendous plays, giving the Knights an attacking line of scrimmage, the once-intimidating San Francisco pass rush was largely absent and the quarterback Jimmy Carpolo on the bench.

Yes, 49ers handle injuries more than their share. They started Sunday’s game without three excellent cornerbacks, leaving coach Brian Allen to start and endure a brutal performance. But it has to be a 49-player get-right game in which all of their main attacking actors are together for the first time and lead them to victory before entering a brutal schedule.

Instead, it was the Niners’ second consecutive loss, reducing them to 2-3, finishing last in the NFC West division.

Now, they are entering the most difficult length of schedule that any team can play this season. Over the next seven games, 49 players will host the Los Angeles Rams, the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks, return home against the Green Bay Packers, visit the New Orleans Saints and the Buffalo Bills.

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Niners believe they have built something special and sustainable over the past few years. If that is true, they will have plenty of opportunities to prove it in the coming weeks.

QB breakdown: Carpolo’s return from a high right ankle sprain lasted about half an hour, and unlike other sports, it wasn’t pretty. Caropolo was never comfortable as he was besieged on the field, finishing 7-for-17 for 77 yards, with no touchdowns and two interruptions to a pass rating of 15.7.

Backup C.J. Beathardt had a little more success, going 9-for-18 for 94 yards, but the game was not abandoned by the time he landed on the field.

Describe the game in two words: Never close. The Niners appeared lifeless from the beginning and never threatened the dolphins, which were hard to imagine in August.

Complex trend: The Knights’ attack line and pass defense were again bad. Pass-Rushers and Blitzers in Miami ran for free on Caropolo and Pethart. Although it is best to block the run, it is not a bar because 49 players have fallen behind so far because they have mostly given up the entire run. Miami had five total sacks and eight quarterback wins.

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