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A Place in the Sun: Laura Hamilton Left 'Angry' Home Hunter Reduces Search |  TV & Radio |  Showbiz & TV

After meeting three decades ago and resting their minds, Angie and Nilesh decided it was the perfect time to find their dream vacation home in Spain. To do so, they enlisted the help of a location in San Laura Hamilton, although Channel 4 guests were a bit torn as to whether they would like to find a house or an apartment to house themselves and their families. However, that mess soon came to bed when Laura’s first favorite house was quickly rejected.

Laura’s first property on the show was well with 0 260,000 on the couple’s budget.

Frontline Townhouse has four bedrooms, a sea view and a rooftop terrace priced at 7,227,273.

However, Angie and Nilesh clarified their fears from the get-together, the latter citing most of his concerns due to a busy nearby road.

Laura quickly noticed the reluctance of the two and she was a little nervous as Nilesh saw this option as “angry”.

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When trying to highlight the benefits of home, Laura said, “You’re so angry with me.”

But Nilesh did everything he could to reassure the Channel 4 expert that he was a little annoyed by the nearby highway.

When the trio entered, despite the modern interior, Nilesh’s distrust did not change.

“Not quite right yet,” he commented. “I still don’t know about split-level access – I’ve seen some crashes.”

The couple agreed to reduce the view there, and Laura hoped it would be enough to win her remaining four properties.

Laura was not the only one who admitted to having a tricky search in her hands.

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A large number of viewers took to social media to express their views on Angie and Nilesh’s demands.

“There’s a lot going on in this blog ‘in his head’ and he doesn’t like anything #Aplaceinthesun,” one fan said on Twitter.

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