Oculus Quest 2 now supports 90 Hz games following the first major update

Oculus Quest 2 now supports 90 Hz games following the first major update
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Oculus has introduced the first major update to the Quest 2 virtual reality headset, with its 90 Hz update rate mode, which was confirmed when the product was launched.

According to the length of the oculus WebsiteDevelopers can now send titles for Quest 2, which includes 90 Hz support instead of the default 72 Hz basic upgrade rate. Now, the choice of games like Beat Saber, Vacation Simulator, SuperHot and Space Pirate Trainer will support a 90 Hz refresh rate, and in many other ways.

Connecting Quest 2 to your computer via the Oculus connection cable now allows you to choose between 72 Hz, 80 Hz or 90 Hz with the Oculus application.

Improved display quality is also available for users who take advantage of the connectivity function. For those who rely on automated profile settings when making Quest 2 graphics changes, there is a new interface for changing those options within the PC application.

Later this month, Oculus will release additional options for headset mobile and desktop applications. This includes the Oculus Move app, which allows you to track the calories you burn while on VR. Additionally, the app allows you to quickly capture the headset screen for both iOS and Android to share game clips and more.

Finally, Oculus will open support for gifting games through its online store. If you know someone who will be getting Quest 2 this holiday season, this option might really come in handy. This year will be a great time to see the headset come into its own.

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