Game Three: Wisconsin Badgers Football in Michigan

Game Three: Wisconsin Badgers Football in Michigan

First, welcome to College Football Saturday. Not that is long weeks Badgers On TV but now, on the same dong day we have football, men’s hockey and men’s basketball! Information for the virtual red and white screammage is here:

The men’s hockey team is also on TV tonight, and will continue the season-long shutout series that sits in a match after Notre Dame 2-0 on Friday evening.

Finally, we come to the main event! 13th Wisconsin Badgers (1-0 overall) Ann Arbor, Mitch Michigan Wolverines (Overall 1-2) ABC’s Prime Time Conflict. The Wolverines They have lost two games in a row and are desperate to put up a good show against the Badgers. On the other hand, Wisconsin players and staff will try to shake the pole after their last two games are canceled due to a COVID-19 explosion.

As we mentioned elsewhere on the site, we do not know who will be in line for badgers and who is still in the COVID-19 protocol and who will have to sit out. Once we know any details, we will fill in all.

If Graham Mertz is at the center of Wisconsin, he should find it easier to get things done faster than anyone else on the team because this year’s Michigan pass defense is terrible. The Wolverines also have a defensive line, so the Badgers running game continues after they fight outside the gate against Illinois.

In defense, the Badgers will keep their hands on a clever, but erroneous, quarterback at Joe Milton. Milton also has a running back that lends a hand, and he can even juggle yards if needed. Despite Michigan’s struggles this year, their battles with Wisconsin are mostly close, tense games and regardless … Michigan is always good to win.

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Staff predictions for the game are here:

Bob: 35-21, Wisconsin

Ryan: 34-10, Wisconsin

Tyler: 31-17, Wisconsin

Owen: 31-24, Wisconsin

Bells: 31-27, Wisconsin

Neil: 33-21, Wisconsin

Rock: 42-30, Wisconsin

Drew: 30-21, Wisconsin

Kevin: 38-24, Wisconsin

JJ: 45-35, Wisconsin

Neither Wisconsin nor Michigan has released an in-depth chart for this game, instead we post one more fun fact here:

  • The Michigan quarterback who threw the most yards in the game against Wisconsin is none other than … current head coach Jim Harbaugh! He circled the field up to 310 yards in 1986 with a 34-17 UM win.

Update, Saturday, November 14 at 5:22 pm CST.

Update x2, Nov, 14, 5:47 pm CST:

According to reports, the players who left:

De Garrett Rand
And Josh Cheltsner
R.P. Garrett Groshek

C.P. Rocket Wildcuss is not on the deep chart, but his status is unknown

P Andy Vujnovich is on the field and in uniform

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