Mickey Harde ended 18 years as Tyrone manager

Mickey Harde ended 18 years as Tyrone manager
Mickey Hart
Harde Tyrone has called for his long tenure as manager

Three-time All-Ireland winning manager Mickey Harde Tyrone marks the end of an era for Gaelic football in the county, ending his 18-year reign as manager.

The GAA’s longest-serving inter-county football manager has announced his resignation to members of his team.

His future sank into uncertainty earlier this week.

It turned out that his request for a one-year extension to his term was rejected by the County Board.

Hardy was the most successful manager of Red Hand County, leading Tyrone to their three All-Ireland titles in 2003, 2005 and 2008.

His latest three-year term ended earlier this month with Donegal’s Ulster SFC quarterfinal defeat.

Chances are, Ericle Sierra will apply for Clubman for a three-year term, which will include an interview for the position, but he does not want to do that.

For the first time, it seems that other interested parties are ready to move to the post, with former Tyrone player and 2015 All-Ireland Under-21 21-year-old manager manager Fiergel Logan considered the favorite for the post.

Prior to next month’s annual conference, the county board will call for nominations from clubs for the senior manager position.

Hardy has led the Red Hands to three All-Ireland titles and six Ulster titles, but has been left out of the Sam Maguire Cup since his last victory in 2008.

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