HC bears Matt Nagy to hand over the call-up duties of the attacking game to OC Bill Lazarus

HC bears Matt Nagy to hand over the call-up duties of the attacking game to OC Bill Lazarus

Bears Head coach Matt Nagy It was announced at a press conference on Friday that the attacking game would hand over the call-up duties to attack coordinator Bill Lazarus on Monday night. Viking.

After three losses in a row, the Bears are on a tailspin after starting the season 5-1. Their falling game was a major factor in that decline, and they saw struggles on that side of the ball before they lost.

Chicago is one of the worst attacking divisions in the league, putting down less than five yards per game, interceptions and points per game, and they are dead in quick yards per game. Despite their many injuries to key contributors and a huge staff shortage, part of their struggles has been over nagging, questionable results related to staff use, third-party theatrical calling and outdated use.

Lazarus has previous experience call-up plays in the NFL, thus acting as the attack coordinator for both Dolphins And Bengals. He was fired for two years on each kick.

While it’s not clear what the differences will be in calling Lazarus scenes offense, Nagy’s ability to acknowledge his shortcomings and assign game call duties beyond his own control is commendable. The Bears will help their playoff odds with a win at home on Monday against Minnesota, who have won two straight games.

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