Bill Mickelson has a good reason to wear sunglasses on the golf course

Bill Mickelson has a good reason to wear sunglasses on the golf course

Bill Mickelson recently added a new look to the golf course: sunglasses.

It’s not just about helping the “lepti” stay cool. As part of a facial treatment described below, Mickelson definitely started wearing sunglasses. They are reflective-lens aviator sunglasses, specific. While the 2020 Masters promise plenty of rain, don’t be surprised if the sun comes out and Mickelson sees the shadows.

“I loved it,” Mickelson said Told CBS in August. “They didn’t roll in my face when I was playing. I went out and played with them and thought, ‘Oh, I’m trying.’ So that’s where it started. At the end of the day my eyes were so relaxed, they didn’t lower the whole time.”

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Why does Bill Mickelson wear sunglasses while playing golf?

Mickelson published all the details of wearing his sunglasses in one section CBS In August. He said he started using a karaoke cream called “Chemotherapy for a skin cancer on your face for two weeks.” It destroys the skin and kills cancer cells that you can’t see (whether Mickelson has any cancer or not is not clear from the interview Psoriatic arthritis, Which affects the skin).

When Mickelson went out while using that cream, he put on sunglasses to protect the skin around the eyes and he liked to wear them.

Ian Baker-Pinch, one of the CBS announcers, said: “Well, it’s good to know. I know we need to wear sunglasses to protect our eyes as we age. Mickelson replied, “But not everyone can pull that look, Ian.” I think I do, but not everyone can. ”

When the PGA Tour returned with the Charles Swap Challenge in June, Mickelson was definitely wearing shadows. This prompted the question of whether there was a good reason for Mickelson in August. One Golf website Sunglasses are said to help with foot reading, which can glare at the sun on a green surface.

Michelson already played very well at the Masters in 2019, finishing 18th after shooting for the Under-6s. Sunglasses could move 50-year-old Mickelson even further to the Leaderboard.

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