Woolworths investigates after the woman claims she had maggots in her half chicken

Woolworths is investigating a confusing claim that a woman sold a chicken crawling with insects.

Kylie Mitrevsky says she bought a half-barbecued chicken from a store in Mayfield, New South Wales.

He shared a 50 5.50 purchase label showing the purchase on November 12 – the same day he posted it on the supermarket’s Facebook page.

“Explain why there are mahogany in the fried chicken purchased today?” He wrote to Woolworths.

The footage shows the chicken crawling with small maggots, while fellow shopkeepers expressed their disgust at the discovery.

See the photo in the video player above

“Oh dear God is disgusting,” one Facebook user wrote.

“I will never buy a chicken again,” another vowed.

On the same day the woman also shared the label of the chicken to show what she had bought.
Camera iconOn the same day the woman also shared the label of the chicken to show what she had bought. debt: Woolworths/Facebook

Others called it “total” and “unacceptable”.

Woolworths responded to Ms Mitrevsky by thanking her for bringing it to their attention and promising to explore it further.

“We take incidents like this seriously and with the block details provided in the pictures, we were able to send it to our team to see this,” the company wrote.

Woolworths has offered to pay the full amount to the chicken.

“Please note that with our new or free warranty, you are welcome to take your receipt to our service desk. Our wonderful team will gladly refund you the full refund and replacement,” the company said.

Last month, a mother said she discovered insects live inside a baker’s Delight pizza.

“It’s so bad,” he said.

“There was a party going on.”

Packers Delight said an investigation has been launched into the store, which was closed for in-depth cleaning.

“This type of incident is unusual for our business, so we are rushing this,” the company said.

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