TV rights: Canal + refuses call for LFP tenders

TV rights: Canal + refuses call for LFP tenders

Rarely launched, already questioned. According to Le Figaro, Canal + will compete in the call for tenders that kicked off the Professional Football League (LFP) on Tuesday evening as part of League 1’s broadcasting rights. The encrypted channel that refuses to comment on the file wants the express consultation, which will last less than two weeks and include all locations, including the third. Canal + was purchased from beginner buyer BEIN Sports in 2019 for 330 million. The annual sum allows today to air the match at 9pm on Saturday and air on Sunday at 5pm.

The value of Lot 3 has been overestimated due to MediaPro’s irrational behavior during the call for tenders, which was already assessed a week ago by Maxim Saada, the group’s board chairman. It is important to remember that the prizes were awarded consecutively so that when Lot 3 was awarded, all players knew that they had not won the first two prizes. So Lot 3 is the last chance to get out with a premium package. So offers are rising artificially. “

Web light. Television rights in French football: The story of the MediaPro debacle

So it is not surprising that Canal + is ready to protest the tender call. The LFP expects this status from its historical broadcaster. According to our information, BEIN Sports has not yet returned the prize to the league. On Wednesday, the latter was criticized by MediaPro boss Jam Rouss. In an interview with Radio Marca, Catalan assessed that the current situation was caused by a “misinterpretation” of the will to “reconsider the contract”. “It went wrong,” he said.

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But unlike the call for tenders of 2018, his team won the bulk of the prizes in exchange for an annual check for 800 million, with the league taking more precautionary measures this time around. The LFP plans to ask for the first time a bank guarantee from buyers of these broadcasting rights, which will run until 2024, as revealed by Capital, which approached the call for tenders that began on Tuesday. More precisely according to the text “Independent guarantee of the first request from the first class banking institution acceptable to the league. “Its amount is equal to the rights of a season, the capital adds. The rating agency is responsible for assessing the financial viability of the tender winner.

Who will broadcast OM-PSG on February 7?

As it stands, Canal + is a favorite to reclaim a lot of valuable Sunday evenings featuring the top ten posters of the championship, which will allow it to air the clash between OM and PSG on February 7th. But the names of the other actors do not appear in this file. This is the position of digital company Amazon.

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Our information about the Capital Club

By contact, the French branch of the US company declined to comment on the matter. But the company has a profile that reveals itself in this call for tenders. Abroad, he has already bought Premier League and Champions League matches in Italy and Germany. In France, Amazon acquired the rights to a portion of the Roland-Cross tennis tournament a year and a half ago. Before taking new action in the coming days?

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