Strict warnings have been confirmed from state officials as 6,900 new COVID-19 cases have been confirmed

Strict warnings have been confirmed from state officials as 6,900 new COVID-19 cases have been confirmed

Grand Rapids, Mich. (WOOD) – The state’s chief medical administrator has called the situation “extremely serious” as Michigan set another record for newly confirmed corona virus cases reported on the same day.

Dr. Johnny Kaltoon told a news conference Thursday afternoon in Lansing. “There is widespread social coverage of COVID-19 across the state.”

Michigan corona virus cases are on the rise, a record 6,940 new cases were announced Thursday Alone. A further 45 deaths have been reported with the virus.

Overall, Michigan is now 236,225 cases have been confirmed The virus was first detected in the state in March and saw 7,811 associated deaths.

Kent County alone confirmed 693 new cases, bringing its total to 20,871 since the outbreak began. This added two more deaths to a total of 227.

Several western Michigan counties recorded additional deaths:

  • Berrian County: Two deaths for a total of 95; A total of 3,769 cases since March.
  • Branch County: Three more deaths for a total of 16; A total of 1,268 cases.
  • Calhoun County: Two deaths for a total of 89; A total of 3,967 cases.
  • Ionia County: Three more deaths for a total of 12 people; A total of 1,292 cases.
  • Muscon County: One death out of a total of 109; A total of 4,150 cases.
  • St. Joseph: one death out of a total of 25; A total of 1,707 cases.

Wayne County, which has been hit hard by the virus, is not currently highly contagious, with 736 new cases and four deaths confirmed at 44,886 and 2,938, respectively. Auckland County has a total of 27,967 cases (more than 654) The day before) And 1,207 deaths (no change). Magomb County has a total of 24,248 cases (626 more) and 1,083 deaths (two more).

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On Wednesday, labs in Michigan tested 67,354 samples for the virus, with 8,276 returning positive, up 12.29%. The seven-day average of daily positive test percentages in Michigan exceeds 12%, four times higher than 3% of public health officials.

Sees every region of the state Higher rates of new cases per million people per day, Western Michigan (approximately 606), Upper Peninsula (601) and southwestern Michigan (535).

Number of persons Was admitted to the hospital Rising. As of Thursday, 3,186 adult inpatients at Michigan hospitals were suspected or confirmed to have COVID-19.

The number of deaths is also increasing every day, which is expected to follow increased cases and hospitalizations. With an average of 35 daily deaths in seven days, the rate is seven times higher than it was in June, Calton said.

Heads of Michigan hospitals urged everyone Thursday morning that their cases were on the rise and that some facilities were approaching capacity. “Do the right thing” To slow the spread of the virus: Wash their hands frequently, adhere to social distance, avoid crowds, and wear public masks.

“It’s going to get worse as more people spend time inside,” Cote Gretchen Witmer told the conference on Thursday, but “there are real, concrete steps we can all take to bring this under control.”

Whitmer lists a few things to remember, including not being properly isolated after you have been infected with the virus, attending small community meetings, and assuming that your friends are as safe as you are, assuming that something is safe because of some mitigation procedures above all else.

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He reminded everyone that a mask order is in effect under an order issued by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services and stressed that it has the force of law.

“I know people are tired of living like this, but we really need to double down,” Dr. Kaltoon said. “If we do not change our behavior collectively, we will see the worst, worst days of all these epidemics.”

He and the governor said people should not travel for big holiday gatherings or Thanksgiving.

“We will do what we did in the spring and show the rest of the world what the Michigans know what to do,” Witmer said.

He said if the numbers continue on the same path, his administration will have to take further action.

Health officials want you to be tested if you have symptoms of COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone who has it. You can find a test site near you / Corona VirusTest.

But Kaltoon also noted that a large number of cases reduce the contact line, so those who have had close contact with someone who has tested positive will not know it quickly. He asked people to download the new one MI COVID Alert Application Find out if they are exposed.

Ionia County, which says it has registered more than 800 new corona virus cases since Oct. 1, says it cannot continue the contact route. Now, instead of inviting everyone to test positive, it says to email for 15-minute short surveys about symptoms and close contacts. The Department of Health will then review the information collected and determine which cases require further investigation. Studies will begin to go out on Monday.

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“We urge all Ionian County citizens to fill out this survey if they receive it,” said Iowa County Health Officer Ken Bowen.

With many new events, The Kent District Library Starting on Monday, it said it would visit its branches in person. You can still block books and use online services.

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