Ohio governor stresses number of health workers and warns of closure due to corona virus outbreak

Ohio governor stresses number of health workers and warns of closure due to corona virus outbreak

Columbus, Ohio (WJW) – Ohio Gov. Mike Divine warns of new closures that could be announced soon next Thursday, November 19th, if there is no change in the rise of corona virus cases.

In a statewide speech on Wednesday evening, he said the government would look into the reopening of liquor stores, restaurants and fitness centers.

These businesses closed during the state strike in March and were allowed to reopen with restrictions in May.

“The virus is spreading in large numbers in each of our districts,” he said in his speech.

Governor At the end of September, there were 1000 new corona virus cases per day in the state.

5,874 new cases were reported on Wednesday.

The state topped the list with 6,500 new cases on Tuesday.

The governor stressed that the increase in cases was not an increase in testing.

“While the trial has not doubled, the number of cases has more than quadrupled,” he said.

The government is approaching 3,000 people who have been admitted to hospitals in the state and there are currently record holders in the ICU, State Divin said.

“If we do not change this, we will not be able to provide adequate care to all Ohio in need,” the governor shared.

Although initially BPE deficiency was an issue, the biggest concern was state health workers.

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“The question today is, do we have enough people,” he said.

“These new cases are not declining and are causing a huge number of problems for our health workers.”

While his message is no different than what he was told to do during afternoon press conferences, Government Divine believes the warning will make a difference.

  • Antivirus
  • Social distance
  • Wear a mask
  • Do not hold or attend meetings

The governor reminded the people of the state order made in April, which restricts meetings to 10 people, public or private.

He said a new order on meetings would be issued.

He said Ohio is in a state of emergency due to the epidemic.

He also added new guidelines for the statewide mask order, which he released in July.

He says all businesses should post a sign on all public entrances about the need for face masks.

Businesses are also responsible for implementing it, he said.

Businesses will be held accountable by the new retail compliance unit.

The unit will provide businesses with written warnings for first violations.

Second violations will close the store for up to 24 hours.

“I know you are tired. I know you are tired. I know you want this to end, ”the governor said.

We are now at the most critical stage of this epidemic. ”

The Ohio Department of Health says 5,623 people in Ohio have died of the corona virus since March.

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