Car ‘crashes into Edmonton police station’ and man ‘arrested’ as road fire

Car 'crashes into Edmonton police station' and man 'arrested' as road fire

A car was reportedly driven to a police station in the UK capital tonight, with witnesses reporting an “attack”.

Metropolitan Police say a man has been arrested after a shocking incident, with witnesses claiming he drove his car to Edmonton Police Station in north London.

Many people reported that one person failed to run through the doors of the station on Four Street, then poured flammable liquid on the road and car and set things up.

Police confirmed that one person had been arrested and the police station was cordoned off and evacuated.

Footage posted on Twitter shows a man pouring flammable liquid before burning it on the road.

Police appear to be detaining someone at the scene

You can see the exit from the front of the car station

The footage then shows three police officers holding a man on the ground, from where his car can be seen exiting the police station.

A Med Police spokesman said: “A vehicle collided with the station office at Edmonton Police Station on Wednesday, November 11 at about 18:58 p.m.

“A man was not immediately available for comment.

The car exits the station

A car is said to have been driven to a police station in the UK capital

“The vehicle is at the scene. Special officers are visiting when it is inspected.

“We were not injured in this situation.

“There is the London Ambulance Service and the London Fire Brigade.

Police arrested one

That area is curved around

“The police station has been evacuated and there is a large police arch.”

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Councilor Erkin Erbil tweeted: “Reports of a major incident reported at the Edmonton Green Police Station. If you are in the Four Street area, be safe, be careful.”

Metropolitan Police previously said on Twitter: “We know of an incident at #Edmonton Police Station in #enfield. Follow up.”

The witnesses were horrified

Police were evacuated from the station

Twitter user ou Doubleteka wrote: “So I was driving home from work, watching a car crash deliberately at the Edmonton Green Police Station and then the same person trying to set fire. All hell lost and now my street is locked.”

OdModernDayJFK wrote: “Attack on the Edmonton Green Police Station.

“When someone went into the station the second set could not cross the doors and then tried to set fire to the car and the surrounding roads.

“What the hell?”

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