John McCain’s revenge? Trump travels to Arizona after aides warn him to stop attacking the state’s late senator and beloved son

John McCain's revenge?  Trump travels to Arizona after aides warn him to stop attacking the state's late senator and beloved son

The Trump campaign blew the wind out of its boat on election night, with Joe Biden advancing in Arizona, while Fox News called on the government in advance to support the Democratic challenge.

But some on Trump’s team have repeatedly warned the president that he’s there in the thin ice after vicious attacks on the late senator and Vietnamese war veteran John McCain, one of Arizona’s most respected sons.

For years, Mr Trump has been attacking Senator McCain and continuing to throw insults after his death in 2018.

Mr Trump, who has skipped the military draft five times, was outraged after the senator’s military record was tarnished.

“He is not a warrior. He is a warrior because he was captured. I want people who are not captured, ”the president said.

A naval pilot, sen. McCain was shot dead in 1967 in North Vietnam. He was captured, beaten, and imprisoned for more than five years, refusing to be released more than any other member of the U.S. Service.

In September, Senator Widow Cindy McCain acknowledged Mr Biden, citing decades of friendship between his family and Biden and their bond as parents of children serving in the military.

His support for Mr Biden was seen as a major impetus among Republicans dissatisfied with Mr Trump in Arizona, an important swing state that Sen McCain has represented for four decades.

These successive attacks seemed to return to bite him New York Times Announced Wednesday.

Advisers, including Republican National Committee leader Rona McDonnell and former campaign manager Brad Barskel, have previously urged the president to stop attacking Sen McCain.

Fox News and the Associated Press have announced Mr Biden as the winner in Arizona, which was a serious setback for Mr Trump, a credible red state. Other major news organizations have not yet called Arizona.

Arizona state officials said Thursday that about 450,000 ballots are yet to be counted.

Andhra Pradesh Editor-in-Chief Sally Busby says: “The Associated Press is constantly reviewing the poll results from Arizona. We will follow the facts in all cases. ”

Mr Biden leads the state by 2.35 percentage points, a gain of about 68,000 votes.

Most of the unaccounted votes still go to Maricopa County, home to Phoenix, the most populous part of the state.

In Phoenix, an armed mob surrounded a polling station, shouting “Let us in” on Wednesday night, forcing the sheriff’s department to respond.

Mr Biden has 253 electoral college votes, while Mr Trump has 214. Whoever gets 270 votes will be the next resident of the White House.

AP contributed to this report

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