U.S. election direct updates: Joe Biden says Trump’s refusal to accept election results is ’embarrassing’

U.S. election direct updates: Joe Biden says Trump's refusal to accept election results is 'embarrassing'

Biden: ‘This is an embarrassment, very frankly’


The president-elect took a few questions from reporters. A lot came from what he thinks about Trump’s actions. What did Biden ask directly about the president’s refusal to accept the election results?

“I think it’s an embarrassment, quite frankly,” Biden said.

He then paused and wondered aloud, “How can I trick this?”

“It doesn’t help the president’s legacy.”

Biden said Trump supporters now understand the sense of loss, but they agree it is time for them to come together.

“I think they understand that we need to unite and get the country out of this bitter politics we have seen,” he said.

Asked how the current stalemate is affecting change, Biden said it does not slow things down and nothing can stop change.

In his conversation with world leaders, he said the president-elect was “good.”

“I hope we can put Americans in a place of honor that has existed before,” Biden said.

Biden said he did not speak with Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, but hopes the future is not far off. He also said Republicans were “intimidated” by Trump.

“The entire Republican Party has been placed under slight intimidation by the sitting president,” Biden said.

“There is only one president at a time, and he is president, but the Electoral College will meet and make their decision.”

Biden was asked what the news was for him if he was watching Trump. he said:

“Mr. President, I look forward to talking to you.”

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