Morgan Wallen takes a ‘self-imposed break’ after being removed from ‘Saturday Night Live’

Morgan Wallen takes a ‘self-imposed break’ after being removed from ‘Saturday Night Live’

The country performed as the guest of honor on the successful NBC comedy show on October 10, just before the kick was lost just days before its SNL debut for breaking COVID-19 protocols.

AceShowbiz – Folk music singer Morgan Wallen Separated from the world for two weeks, he was beheaded after being cut off from a hit comedy show. “Live Saturday night“For breaking the corona virus protocol.

The rising star was recorded as the musical guest of the American series on October 10, but he missed the kick a few days before his SNL debut after being filmed as a non-masked hostess and kissing random girls following the October 3 Alabama University football game.

He publicly apologized for his actions, acknowledged that they were “too short-sighted” and promised to do better in the future, and in a new interview on “Babicast” podcast, Wallen reveals that he fully understands the reason for the setback.

“I know I’ve got young kids looking at me,” he said. “I have to focus on things (I do) – I’m not going to let people control my life, (but) I want to be careful too.”

“Honestly, I have a son and I don’t know now that I would be proud to show him those videos,” he continued, referring to his three-month-old son Indigo and his ex-girlfriend K.D. With Smith. “I have to think a little differently about some things.”

Wallen recalled the self-imposed gap following the controversy again.

“It took me a while, like almost two weeks, and I turned off my phone and didn’t see it,” he shared. “Driving on the tractor, things like that, ruined my head. It’s so good for me.”

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“It kind of forced me to reflect on myself and see myself and get to know me again. It’s good for me,” Wallen concluded.

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