Where is Mike Pence? VP loses election because Trump administration rejects election loss

Where is Mike Pence?  VP loses election because Trump administration rejects election loss

Although he appeared on the campaign trail with Donald Trump ahead of Election Day, Mike Pence has generally maintained a low profile since the results began to filter out – and even as the Trump administration has fought hard against signs of presidential defeat.

The day after Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were invited to the race, the Vice President’s public table was empty. He has not tweeted since the race was called.

At the time of writing, this makes him somewhat unusual among the president’s allies.

Some Republicans have begun to distance themselves from the president, and his false claims that the election was stolen from him, while others – such as Senator Lindsay Graham and high-ranking White House staffers – are determined to fight it to the bitter end, doubling down on most of the president’s statements.

Mr Pence, who is now in no camp and still in a state of ambiguity, raises questions about what he will do next, as he is not usually put in the background by the administration and has no specific record of being politically tense with the president in public. Moments.

However, he has chosen to set himself aside rather than fight in the corner of the presidency as a tragic story unfolds.

It is said that there was a Republican plan to oust Mr Trump immediately and replace him with Mr Pence on the top of the ticket, and some top Republicans openly called for it.

However, Mr Pence’s response was further measured: he issued a statement condemning Mr Trump’s words, then withdrew from public appearances, first avoiding contact with his running mate to pray with his wife.

A few days after the outbreak of the scandal, he defended himself from public events and the press, and eventually returned to campaigning with a message of solidarity with voters demanding that Hillary Clinton oust Mr Trump.

Mr Pence’s office has been contacted for comment.

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