Saints 31 Buccaneers 0 2nd Half Game Thread

Saints 31 Buccaneers 0 2nd Half Game Thread

Saints Beat the rate and postpone. Buchananers Start at 25. Cameron Jordan Success Tom Brady He throws his first pass incompletely. Bucks 7. rushes to 3 and 3. Incomplete and bucks 3 and goes out.

Saints ball at 35. Drew Breeze Checking Alvin Camara For a gain of 6. Breeze To Michael Thomas 1st. Midfield. Breeze Milling and finishing Josh Hill 1st. In the territory of Bucks. Breeze 6 to Marquis Calve Latavius ​​Murray 2. For 3 and 3. Daisy Hill Goes to Jared Cook For bucks 16. Room Do not rush for any gain. Jason Bear-Paul Takes almost breeze. Breeze for Tre’quan Smith in the endzone. Touch Town Saints. Will Loots Money. 7-0 Saints.

Buchananers Start at 25. Brady is not deep to anyone. Bucks rush to 7, but are called back to keep up. 2nd and 20th.Breeze 6. Finishes for 3rd and 14th. Another 3 and out for the protection of the Saints. Bucks Punt.

Saints ball at 34 years old. Deep breeze for Harris, he breaks down the challenges and adds to Bucks 26. Murray Takes 2. Breeze Thomas 4. 3rd and 4. 1st inch shorter from Breeze to Murray. 4th down. The Saints will go for it and take 1st place. Bruce challenges Arians at the end of wasted time. Daisy Hill In and rushes 3. Bees Jared Cook Who stumbles upon it.

Buchanan’s ball in their 2 yard line. Bucks rush to 1. Brady goes deeper Antonio Brown And almost intercepted. Breeze is incomplete. Buchananers punch deep into their own endzone.

Harris Bucks returns to the 35 yard line after slipping below 40. Room Rushing to 17 Thomas For 10. Room Takes 1st down. 1st and Goal 8. Camara takes 1. Prize to Adam Trotman To Touch Town. The extra point is good. 14-0 Saints. End of 1st quarter.

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Buchananers are starting to feel ashamed for 20 Scotty Miller Those who are expelled, are incomplete. 7. Brady Boss for 3 and 3. Brady never goes deep into anyone again. 3 and out. Bucks Punt.

Dionte Harris Returning it to midfield. 6. Breeze checks the camera for losses 2 and 16 Daisy Hill For 21 yards. Daisy Hill In QB, he wants to throw, but no one is open, rushing to 12. Breeze had to throw it away. Breeze Emmanuel Sanders To Touch Town. The extra point is good. 21-0 Saints.

Buchananers starts at 24. Brady concludes Tyler Johnson Below their first 1st. Brady Boss is chosen David Onimatta.

Buchanan Saints Ball 27. Breeze is incomplete Thomas. Camara rushes to 5. 3 and 5 Sanders 1st to 13th. Runs up to daisome and 1 yard line in QB. 1st and target. Camara runs to Touch Town. The extra point is good. 28-0 Saints.

Buchananers starts at 25. Brady first Chris Godwin For 45. Brady pushes Leonard Fornett To 7. Brady leaves hands Fornet Who are lined up for fraud. 3rd and 3. Brady finishes for 1st Saints 42. Brady screen Fornet For a couple. Brady Rob Krankowski 2. 3rd and 6. Timeline Bucks. 5:08 Half. Brady Godwin Incomplete. 4th down. Bucks go to incomplete depths.

Saints ball at 38 years old. Kamara rushes for 11 runs Michael Thomas To Bucks 31. Handing over to Murray 2. Breeze Sanders 1st. Sanders Incomplete Breeze. Breeze checks Trotman for a couple. 2 minute alert. Breeze Cook Who can not catch. Will Lutz kicks 36 yards fielding. 31-0 Saints. 1:50 to half.

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Buchananers starts at 25. Brady finished Brown 1st. Brady Mike Evans Another 1st. Brady throws an interception Marcus Williams.

The Saints are in their 15th year, the worst field condition for the Saints tonight. Drew takes a knee. The Saints get the ball to start the 2nd half.

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