Cruise Azul Vs Tigress: Live Stream Online Updates (0-0) | 10/17/2020

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Yellow card for Luis Romos and Jesus Tunas.

Blue Cross Corner Shot. Without great risk.


Cruz Azul already creates the first danger in the attack.

Cruz Azul has a LTTE domain

Cruise Azul: Sequence

Corona, Tomanzuez, Romo, Ultrate, Escopar, Reyes, Rivero, Yodun, Alvarado, Orbelin and ‘Capacita’

Tigers: Sequence

Guzman, Reyes, Mesa, Karaoke, Fernandez, Pizarro, Aquino, Rodriguez, Tunas, Gignog and Lopez

This is how Cruz arrived at the Azul Azteca Stadium

Basic results

In the morning, Cruz Azul’s team won 2-1 against Tigress, resulting in second place in the general table. Meanwhile, U17 won by a small margin against Nuevo Lyon, who are 10th in the tournament with 25 points.

Dowel to Golio board

How To Watch Cruise Azul Vs Tigress Live TV And Stream

Cruise Azul: Last row

J. Corona; J. Domanjuves, a. Ultrate, J .; Escobar, J .; Reyes; J. Domanjuves, i. Rivero, Y. Yotton, O. Pineta; J. Rodriguez, s. Kimines.

Tigress: Last row

Guzman, Rodriguez, Ayala, Mesa, Salceto, Tunas, Pizarro, D’Souza, Fernandez, Quinones, Kignok.

The referee is four

Nail sharpening

After a hesitant start, even the management of Cat team captain Ricardo Ferretti was questioned, as the UANL team seems to have invented the compass and they are already at the top of the classification in this final of the tournament, the basis for not losing to qualify directly for Tigress.

Kick-off time

The Cruise Azul Vs Tigress match will take place at the country’s CDMX Stadium Azteca. Kick-off 10:00 pm ET.


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