Uncle June releases new plastic surgery cosmetics: see photos

Uncle June releases new plastic surgery cosmetics: see photos

New look! June “Uncle June” Shannon She showed off her latest product in a photo shoot after plastic surgery for her “triple chin” and dental work for a new set of veneers.

The Not hot at first The star showed the results of her chin and neck liposuction process in a flowing burnt orange with black leggings. June, 41, smiled when she revealed her slender face, while at the same time illuminating her new veneers and new hairstyle.

Before his plastic surgery preparation, ex Here comes the Honey Boo Boo The star enjoyed a luxurious session at a Beverly Hills reception in September. Hair stylist Pamela Procardi The long-awaited reality TV personality gave her a haircut and helped to refresh her look by dyeing her hair into a lighter shade of blonde and styling it with elegant blow dryers.

“June loves her new hair and is easy to care for,” said the June delegate. Gina Rodriguez, Said Life At the time.

Gina, who appears frequently with her successful Wii TV series in June, revealed that the Georgia man first traveled to California in the hope of doing liposuction and dummy duck, but at the last minute he had to change his plans.

“She couldn’t do it because the fat was deep,” Gina explained. Due to complications, June chose chin and neck lipo instead.

Despite minor changes to his plastic surgery plans, June will continue to look at other procedures to help him achieve his preferred weight loss goals. “He is considering a gastric bypass,” Gina added.

June documented her earlier Interesting weight loss change Ann Uncle June: Not hot at first. After gastric sleeve surgery in 2016, she lost a total of 300 pounds in June. In order to improve her new appearance, she underwent several procedures such as breast augmentation surgery and skin removal surgery.

Now that June has updated her look, it looks like she is looking forward to a positive future. “New Month, New Beginning, New Beginning, New Mood, New Focus, New Objectives, New Results” Read a message shared by June via Instagram on June 1st. “So the real idea is to share this with everyone [sic] You have to say to yourself, ‘I’m going to do better today [sic] I was there yesterday, ” he added in his title.

Scroll down to see photos of Mama June plastic surgery results.

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