Tom Hanks’ son Chad Biden raises eyebrows with Jamaican accent in bizarre video of victory

Tom Hanks' son Chad Biden raises eyebrows with Jamaican accent in bizarre video of victory

A bizarre video showing Tom Hanks’ son Joe Biden celebrating his presidency surprises people with its use of Jamaican accent.

For many, the new clip is an introduction to 30-year-old Chad Hanks and Hanks’ son with his wife Rita Wilson.

Chad, also known as rapper Set Haas, has been fired for posting videos that use accent despite being a white American in the past.

In January 2002, he was accused of cultural allotment after giving to his father, who nominated him for his lead role A beautiful day in the neighborhood, A shout in Jamaica Badois.


Now, in this new video, Donald Trump, who lost the US election, begins to show pity before he reveals that he is a comedian, who has seen him raise even more eyebrows.

“Chad is back,” one wrote, “I will never get what Tom Hanks’ son decided to wake up to one day and get the Jamaican accent.”

Speaking about his views on cultural reservation earlier this year, Chad defended himself: “Why are we so angry and nervous about blunting ethnic communities?

Born in 1995, Truman has another son, Hanks and Wilson.

The actor has a son, Colin (born 1977), and a daughter, Elizabeth (born 1982), with his first wife, Samantha Lewis.

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