‘Let us be the nation we know we can be’: Biden speaks after defeating Trump – US Election 2020 Live Updates | American News

He would now be dissolving in solvents. He had never been in a situation like this before. Interestingly, Donald has never won anything legally in his entire life, but since he was driven by people along the way, he never lost anything. He is the person who thinks you deserve to win, whether you steal or win.

But there’s some poetic justice here because he’s been cheating for months. Now his tricks are coming back to bite him. He said Republicans Do not vote by mail, they do not, but as a result he has been enjoying these slow drops for the past few days. Oh, you have these great skirts! Now your skirts are shrinking. Oh, in front of Joe Biden. Now his skirts are growing. It must have been like slow torture, but he set up this defeat for himself.

The fact that the Republicans have done better than expected in Congress and the Senate would have infuriated him. It means that people voted against Donald Trump In this election, but not necessarily against this party. It would have added so much salt to his narcissistic wounds.

I worry about what Donald is going to do. He will go as far as he can to hand over the new administration and then he will apologize, which will make us depressed and sign executive orders. Keep in mind that he will still be responsible for America’s response to the epidemic. One million Americans may have died under his watch.

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