Thanks to the Google Play Store app, Android phones can stop working if you don’t pay

Thanks to the Google Play Store app, Android phones can stop working if you don't pay

Android users have been warned about an app developed by Google, which will allow mobile carriers to lock the device if the bill is not paid. The application question is asked Device lock controller While it appeared quiet on the Google Play Store earlier this year, the spectacular Android app recently received an update. In the description of the application, Google states that it provides “device management for credit providers” and authorizes providers to “remotely control access” to the Android device.

The full description for the Android app is as follows: “Device Lock Controller enables device management for credit providers. Your provider can remotely control access to your device if you do not pay.

Screenshots of the Android app will be displayed in the Google Play Store list, and it shows the available options.

On a screen titled ‘How Your Credit Card Issuer Can Manage This Device’, it says that a provider can “lock this device if you do not pay”.

This app has only been downloaded a few dozen times so far, and Google provided additional information about it after the Android download was discovered.

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As announced In a post According to XDA developers, Google claims that the app may have appeared incorrectly in the Play Store and should not be listed for Western Android fans.

According to Mountain View, the device lock control application has been launched in Kenya in collaboration with Safaricom, a mobile carrier.

A blog post was discussed in July with Safarikam, which has introduced a financial plan designed to make it easier for Kenyans to purchase a new Android (Go version) smartphone.

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On the Questions page on the Safaricom page, people who sign up for a non-refundable plan four days after the deadline will find their devices locked.

Therefore, it seems that this application only applies to specific markets.

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But the usable power of this app is impressive, and carriers in other markets are willing to use the tool if they want to get extra incentives to ensure customers pay their bills on time.

XDA developers stared at the app to see if it could deliver such greater power than Android users.

The website claims that the Google Device Lock Controller utility uses the DeviceAdminService API to remotely control the operation of the device.

This API is what businesses use to control what can be done with work phones that are handed over to employees.

Companies that provide work phones to employees tend to pre-load applications that use this API, and there is no way to disable it once installed.

It seems to be similar to the device lock controller, as this application is already loaded on the Android phone before a customer gets it for the first time – then there is no way to remove the program.

Google says they are working to remove the app list from the Play Store.

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