The first major update to the PS5 was released on Wednesday, PS5 games may have an external USB flash drive – Sony

Sony today released a new blog on its official website, confirming that it will release the “first major computer software update” for the PS5 worldwide on Wednesday. This system update will allow PS5 games to be stored (but not played) on an external U-disk and can join cross-generation SharePlay, meaning that PS5 players can allow their friends on the PS4 to play remotely.


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In addition, Sony said it has added a number of improvements to their console’s “Control” menu, including the ability to easily switch between “party” and “friends”.

The full text is as follows:

The first major computer software update for the PS5 console will be launched globally tomorrow with many new features and upgrades. Our team is committed to improving your PlayStation experience in every possible way. Here is a brief introduction to the new content of the PS5, PS4 and PlayStation app:

PS5 storage space expansion and management

Store 5 PS5 games on a compatible external USB hard drive. * With this function, you can transfer PS5 games from the internal storage space of the console to the USB expansion storage space. This is a great way to expand the storage capacity of your PS5 console. When you are ready to play, you can smoothly copy PS5 games to the internal storage space of your console. Reinstalling PS5 games from USB expansion storage is faster than re-downloading or copying from CD.

Because PS5 games are designed to use the super speed of consolesS.S.T., Currently cannot play PS5 games from USB expansion storage, and PS5 games cannot be downloaded directly to USB expansion storage. However, games that you convert or copy to internal storage will be updated automatically when they fit. Additionally, for specific games that support options, you can choose the game mode you want to install (for example, Campaign Mode or Multiplayer Mode).

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For tips on using PS5USB (including storage device requirements) to expand storage space, please see:

As previously announced, PS5 consoles will support M2 hard drives for future storage expansion. We are working hard to implement this feature and will keep you updated on the PlayStation Blog.

New social features for PS4 and PS5 consoles

Share for generations. PS4 and PS5 players can now use “Shared Play” together and chat at the same party. This means that PS5 console players can allow their friends to watch their game screens on PS4 consoles, and try PS5 games with “shared play”, and vice versa. Options include sharing a screen with a friend, changing the controller to a friend in a virtual way, or changing a second controller to a friend in a virtual way to play multiplayer co-op games together.

Request to join the game Link area. Friends can join the game connection area and the dialog will appear on the PS4 and PS5 consoles, allowing more opportunities to play together. It’s a shortcut to send game invitations and reduces the time it takes to start the game with your friends. You can adjust who can contact you through the Privacy Settings menu, Parties, Games and News.

Strengthen the control and customization options of the PS5 console

Game Improved game platform. The game’s basic menu has been improved to provide quick access to important content and functions. You can easily switch between parties and friends to chat at an existing party or to see what each of your online friends is doing. Additionally, you can choose to enable or disable notifications for each party you join.

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Disable game chat or adjust player size. You can now quickly disable the game chat function that turns off the microphone and other players’ voices. Additionally, you can easily adjust other players’ personal voice chat volume at the same chat, so you don’t have to remind your friends to lower or increase the microphone level every time.

Update Game update already downloaded. After the developer has enabled it, it is set to enable “Auto Update” and if your console is in standby mode or game updates are downloaded in advance to your console. This will allow you to run the latest version of the game as soon as the update is released.

Customized game storage library. With functions like searching the library and hiding the game from the viewing screen, it is now easier to find the content in the game library or customize the viewing screen.

Zoom screen. You can now enlarge the screen to the most appropriate size from the Settings menu.

T New file system and statistics screen. File status created by automatic capture of screen shots or video clips is now available for customization — now you can capture only those moments (such as gold or platinum) when you receive high-level files and save them as pictures / videos. We have also introduced a new file statistic screen, which you can use to quickly view the summary of file levels and levels.

New features in the PlayStation app

We’ve brought a number of new features to the PlayStation app that make it very easy to remotely connect to the console. Recently, we introduced these features: Save Products to Favorites, Receive Notifications When Friends Are Online, and Change Your Host Online Status. In the coming weeks, we will launch a number of features, including joining the PS5 multiplayer connection zone from the app, managing the PS5 console’s storage space, comparing file collections with friends, and sorting and filtering products displayed in the PlayStation Store. You can download the PlayStation app for free from Google Play and the App Store.

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Regarding the numerous updates and improvements to the PS5, PS4 and PSApp, we have only mentioned a small part, please try this content and tell us what you think!

* For compatibility requirements for external USB hard drives, please see:

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