Mitt Romney says Trump’s wrong ‘in calling elections’ corrupt’ and his words’ detrimental to freedom ‘

Mitt Romney says Trump's wrong 'in calling elections' corrupt' and his words' detrimental to freedom '

Former presidential candidate and Republican senator Mitt Romney has become one of the party’s first senior figures to criticize Donald Trump’s reaction to the election, calling it ‘irresponsible’.

Romney has called Trump ‘harmful to freedom’ and he ‘irresponsibly incites emotions’.

He tweeted: “The president has the right to demand confessions, to call for an investigation into alleged voting irregularities, and to resolve legal solutions – to do so is consistent with our electoral process.”

“He is wrong to say that the election was bad, corrupt and rigged – doing so damages the cause of freedom here and around the world, weakens the very foundations of the foundations of the Republic and irresponsibly incites destructive and dangerous emotions.”

Trump has said the election was “bad” because he led in states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Georgia before the mail-in votes were counted.

He is now seeking reconsideration and is pursuing legal action.

Romney’s comments come after Pennsylvania Republican Senator Pat Doomie called Trump’s claims “worrying.”

He said CBS This Morning: “There is no evidence that anyone has shown me about widespread corruption or fraud.

“The president’s speech last night was very disturbing to me because he made very serious allegations without any evidence to support it.”

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